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    Agile Roadmapping: Plan, Execute & Re-Plan

    Jason Tanner President, Enthiosys

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    A Roadmap Should Be

    A living document designed to answer key strategic questions: Who are my desirable markets / market

    segments? What do they care about? When / how often should I serve them? What factors must I consider? What technologies can I leverage? How should I adjust my plans and goals

    relative to these answers?

    Roadmaps are Scary

    Forces you to articulate what you are not going to build

    Makes you commit to an uncertain future



    Benefits of a Roadmap Roadmaps identify and clarify the tactical and

    strategic intent of your product Internally:

    Becomes the filter for backlog prioritization Builds consensus around direction Ensures the ship is headed in the right direction Avoids the last/loudest priority problem

    Externally: Provides customers with access to near-term

    commitments and long term points of view Binds customers to your company

    Typical Roadmap Failures No visible logic Created unilaterally

    Lack of buy-in Poor technical and

    market inputs No plan for internal or

    external sharing




    June 09 Sept 09 Dec 09 Mar 10 June 10



    Version 4.0 SaaS Offering Extra fast install Comprehensive Platforms Multi-site Collaboration Oracle Support

    Version 3.2 New platform support Security Management Scalability enhancements Usability improvements Better Integration*

    Version 3.01 Security Patch Better Scalability Client Access SDK

    Often See Feature Wish Lists


    Successful Creation of Roadmaps Need

    Active participation of key constituents Product Management, Engineering

    (architects), Marketing, Support, next-level product strategists

    Extended in-person working sessions Time to research issues Quarterly reviews and updates Clear (written) distribution plan Easy to say, hard to do



    What Kinds of Questions?

    How big is my market?

    Which packaging design will

    increase sales?

    Which distribution

    channel is best for my market?

    What do customers want in the next


    How are we perceived relative to competitors?

    How are customers changing? How can I

    prepare for this?

    What kind of products could we add to our product mix?

    What features should be in the next release?

    A Simple Template Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1

    Customer Groups

    Features and Benefits

    Architecture and Systems

    Events and Rhythms




    Markets & Users Short names and descriptions or segmentation

    characteristics Can be very simple, can attach common personas

    found in each segment Focus on the markets this product serves Example: Small Office

    < 75 employees Limited CapEx budgets Need support and services Buy from trusted referrals


    Market Segmentation The process of dividing a total market into groups

    consisting of entities who have similar attributes product needs / problems theyre solving demographics / social class / purchase behavior

    Many uses: market sizing how big? how much money? promotion: how do I reach them? product mgmt: how do I serve them?



    Many Ways To Segment

    Very Weak



    Knowledge of Security

    Very Strong

    Experience With Product

    = 3 yr

    1 2 yr

    2 3 yr



    Perceived Motivation To Use Product


    Feature / Benefit Map

    Beta Launch

    Customer Growth

    F: Managed Service B: Rapid, easy deployment B: Low initial cost

    F: Fixed benefit plans B: No hard work or cost in designing a new plan

    F: Installed onsite B: Privacy, customization

    F: Installed onsite B: Privacy, customization

    Development Beta Launch

    Q310 Q410 Q111 Q311 Q211

    Only the features that move the needle!

    Describe in business terms where possible



    Use a Low-Tech Approach to Start

    Speeds collaboration Easy to change Can be transcribed into tools for sharing & distribution once the plan settles

    Roadmapping Best Practices Use legends (colors, shapes, etc.) Use versions & dates Document participants that created each version Document assumptions, facts & decisions that

    created each version Document possible scenario alternatives Document issues to be researched If using Visio, connect stuff up for easy moving





    Thank you for your time! (919) 740-9678 @Enthiosys