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Australia's biggest telecommunications company is investing in customer driven models include lean and agile practices to transform their world of work.


<ul><li> 1. TELSTRATEMPLATE4X3BLUEBETA|TELPPTV4TELSTRATEMPLATE4X3BLUEBETA|TELPPTV4 ENTERPRISE AGILE NBN - NETWORK INVENTORY AGILE DELIVERY PROGRAM STEPHANIE BYSOUTH LEAN AGILE COACH @innovatebysouth </li></ul> <p> 2. VALUES . The Eight Fundamental Truths of being an enterprise lean agile coach to remember. 1. People and companies can be more effective than they are today. 2. We know you can make a difference. 3. Opportunity comes to those who create it. 4. People, Community and Culture are the heart of all success. 5. Systems, processes and delivery are all created by people. 6. Innovation is available to every person, process and product. 7. Coaching is the competitive leverage your neighbor wishes they had. 8. We love what we do and do it simply because we can make a difference. 3. ESTABLISH A FOUNDATION Appreciate Engage Participate 4. APPRECIATE THE ENTERPRISE 4 5. APPRECIATE THE ENTERPRISE; UNDERSTAND THE ENVIRONMENT ON THE GROUND 1. People - capacity to change, rate of learning 2. Culture is THE undocumented influencing &amp; controlling system 3. System infrastructure, architecture, constraints and alternative success flows 4. Tools in play for the enterprise vs. for the team to create clarity and simplicity 5. Practices designed by others, failed by users vs. local, feasible, applicable, doable 6. COMPLEX INTEGRATED APPLICATION ENVIRONMENT us. 7. ENTERPRISE PROGRAM - OUR PROGRAM COMPLEX INTEGRATIONS 8. OUR PEOPLE us. Vendor Management * varied Project Manager &amp; Iteration Manager Product Owner Stakeholders * 6 4 * BA 2 * Design 12 * Dev 5 * Release &amp; Test Vendor Management * varied Project Manager &amp; Iteration Manager Product Owner Stakeholders * 6 4 * BA 2 * Design 10 * Dev 5 * Release &amp; Test Program Management * 3 Solution, Application, Release &amp; Test Management * 3 Local Program Management * 2 2 * Architect 9. C R C R C R PROD PRODCAT PRODCAT PRODCAT LAYERED INFRASTRUCTURE, BRANCHING, MANUAL 9 TEAM A stream 1205 NETWORK INTEGRATIONS stream CAT PRODintegration PRODintegration stream stream stream C R C R C R PROGRAM LOCAL- DEV DEV System Test integrati on BAU Converging environment demands across multiple streams of delivery BAU Corrupting true Capacity + administration overload to ensure baseline integrity + cost of context switching HIGH COST TO REGRESSION + SYSTEM TESTING = TIME + DEFECT RATE 10. APPRECIATE - FLOW, SYSTEM CONSTRAINTS People Culture Process ToolsPractices HR Finance Delivery 11. ENGAGE LEADERS EARLY 1 12. Program &amp; Release Planning Team Customer capture Validate Prioritise MeasureValidate3 tiered MVP FUNNEL FOCUS COLLABORATE AUTOMATE CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION GIVE UNDERSTANDING &amp; SHARE VALUE DRIVEN ROADMAP 13. INVEST FOR STRATEGIC LEVERAGE Teach, and provide insight on how the enterprise will rapidly (1-2yr) advance 14. PARTICIPATE BUSINESS / CUSTOMER COLLABORATION VALUABLE &amp; EASY 15. CO-LOCATE EVERYONE (AT LEAST) IN DISCOVERY 16. THE PEOPLE. Appreciate Empathy Participate 17. STOP WHAT NOTS WORKING! Really? 30 people expected to do a 15 minute stand-up? - always ask WHY is this valuable? 18. APPRECIATE - COMPLEX TO ACCOUNTABLE VISUALIZE ALL DATA FROM PROGRAM, PORTFOLIO TO TEAMS AND ENVIRONMENTS 19. ELIMINATE PROBLEMSBUILD ACHIEVEMENT &amp; CREATE CAPACITY FOR AGILE CHANGE TO COME IN Kaizen 1. Problem 2. Action 3. Outcome 20. CREATE CORE TEAM TO INTERNALISE ASSETS &amp; IP SUSTAIN THE CORE AS LONG TERM AND POPULATE NEW TEAMS AS VARIABILITY DEMANDS 21. BREAK DOWN ORGANISATIONAL BARRIERS WITH HUMAN CONNECTIONS 22. PARTICIPATE - PROTECT &amp; GUIDE CREATE CLARITY, ACCOUNTABILITY &amp; FOLLOW THROUGH 23. THE PRACTICES. Accountability Evolve Participate 24. PARTICIPATE CONTINUOUS PLANNING 25. OUTCOME CONSTRAINT MAPPING LEVERAGE VARIETY OF MODALITIES TO CREATE VISIBILITY OF THE SYSTEM 26. ACCOUNTABILITY - LEVERAGING KANBAN 27. EVOLVE THE TEAM FROM WORK TO INNOVATION 28. LOOKING BACK 12 MONTHS 2 F T P D V D Program b branching Program A branching integration Production VMs 29. AUTOMATED TESTING Manual Testing Sanity testing : 2-3 hrs 1 person Unit testing : Not considered as part of this BC Acceptance testing Approx 50 Test Case 3weeks (4-5 resources) Regression testing Limited : Time/resource constraints Approx 10 TC 1-2 resource 1 wk Automated Testing Sanity testing 4 TC 15min (4* more than normal) Unit testing : Not considered as part of this BC Acceptance testing 2 VM approx 250 TC 9 hrs execution time 2 hr / Dev review ( 3Dev) Regression testing 50 TC 2.5hrs execution time VS 30. THE BOTTOM LINE 71% 29% 2012 Weekends worked ON OFF 0% 100% 2013 ON OFF $0 $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $400,000 $500,000 $600,000 2012 2013 Automation &amp; Continuous Integration Savings / deployment Merge, Test Integration Deployment Production Deployment Testing Application Solution Integrity sustained Standard way of work vs. an expensive option Team members now mentor other new agile teams Foundation / evidence for business case to continue adoption of agile tech practices 31. THANKS. Stephanie BySouth @innovatebysouth #agile #coaching </p>