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<ol><li> 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW </li><li> 2. At AGC Networks, we know we succeed only when our customers do. We believe the true measure of the success of our business is enabling our customers to be successful in their businesses. It is this belief that has driven AGC Networks to make our customers our first priority. For over a quarter century, our goal has remained the same: To increase our customers business productivity and efficiency through the creative design, bullet-proof implementation, and unparalleled support of innovative technology. This guiding principle has propelled AGC Networks to become a leading global information and communication technology solutions provider with extensive experience in unified communications, network infrastructure, data center, virtualization, security services, and enterprise applications. Since our inception, we have installed over 1 million unified communication ports, 500k data ports, and 100k video endpoints worldwide. We rely on this vast experience, delivered to customers from virtually every conceivable vertical, to enable us to design the perfect solution to meet our customers specific needs. At AGC Networks, we aspire to provide not only the technology necessary to meet current needs, we also design and deploy next generation technology in order to guarantee you are prepared to meet the ever changing needs of your customers. AGC Networks has joined with over 75 technology partners around the globe ensuring our customers have access to the most innovative technology on the market. We believe a true testament to our commitment to testing and demonstrating cutting-edge technology is our Customer Experience Center. Located at our US headquarters in Irving, TX, we invested nearly $3 million in this Experience Center allowing our customers to see and experience the real world application of new and established business productivity technologies. Finally, we believe a company should not be measured by the promises it makes, but rather by the promises it keeps. AGC Networks is a subsidiary of The Essar Group, a $39 billion multinational conglomerate with over 73,000 employees. Built on the solid foundation of the Essar Group, we have the stability and strength to make bold promises and, even more importantly, to deliver on them. ABOUT AGC NETWORKS </li><li> 3. AGC Networks is one of today's leading solution integration firms with a wide range of products and services from industry-leading technology partners. With strong relationships with a diverse range of technology partners, AGC Networks has the ability to provide customized solutions based on customer-specific needs. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS PRODUCTS &amp; SOLUTIONS </li><li> 4. Experience AGC Networks has installed over 1 million unified communications ports, 500K data ports, and 100K video end-points worldwide this vast experience empowers with the ability to design the perfect solution for even the most complex situation. AGC Networks is committed to technology innovation. We deliver solutions across multiple vendors, which means we can offer and integrate best-in-class solutions that are vendor-neutral. This commitment is illustrated by our cutting-edge Customer Experience Center in Dallas, Texas - a unique facility that showcases next generation technologies that drive business productivity and efficiency forward. Innovation AGC networks operates in 13 global regions, on 6 continents, allowing us to support the growing global nature of our customers requirements seamlessly. Global Reach While AGC Networks operates globally, we remain committed to having a local focus for the markets we serve. This enables us to not only meet the global needs of large customers, but also to server the specific local and regional requirements of our customers. Local Focus Stability With the Essar Group as our parent company, AGC Networks has the stability and backing of a $37 billion (USD) global conglomerate this foundation ensures that we will be here for our customers in difficult financial times as well as times of growth. AGC's ADVANTAGE </li><li> 5. Contact Us US Headquarters AGC Networks 222 W Las Colinas Blvd. Suite 200 North Tower Irving, Texas 75039, USA T: (888)960-3792 E: AGC Networks is a leading global Information and Communication Technology Solutions Provider with extensive experience in unified communications, network infrastructure, data center, virtualization, security solutions, and enterprise applications development and integration. We deliver innovative technology solutions to drive productivity in organizations throughout the United States and around the world. AGC's comprehensive solutions enable our customers to accelerate revenue growth, increase market share, optimize operating costs, and improve overall productivity by applying technology solutions designed to fit the needs of their business. At AGC Networks, we are committed to providing an unmatched experience for our customers while delivering the best possible returns on their technological investments. AGC Networks North American headquarters is in Irving, TX and our global headquarters is in Mumbai, India. AGC is a subsidiary of Aegis Limited, an Essar Enterprise. 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