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  • 1. Faecal sludge management in Bangladeshan issue that needs urgent attentionAftab Opel, M Khairul Bashar, M Feroze AhmedAsia regional sanitation and hygiene practitioners workshop31 January 2 February 2012Dhaka, Bangladesh

2. The magnitude of the problemSanitation challengesOpen defecation Open defecation50 reduced to 4.4 % in 40 2010 which is a significant achievement 30 20 Does it mean that the10 magnitude of the0 problem is also20032011 reduced? 3. The magnitude of the problemSanitation challenges About 80,000 tons of sludge Sludgegeneration/treatment generated per day in the country 4 About 24,000 tons of sludge26 generated per day in the urban areas of the country70 About 960 tons of sludge go to treatment plant in Dhaka What happens to the remaining Rural Urban Treatment volume? 4. MethodologySanitation challenges 1220 household interviewed in 3 cities Samples in Khulna and Faridpur were statistically representative for the cities Samples in Dhaka were not representative for the city 5. Toilet typeAccess type100%100% 90% 80%80% 70% 60%60% 50% 40%40% 30% 20%20% 10%0% 0% Dhaka Khulna FaridpurDhakaKhulna Faridpur VIP Pit Septic Tank ODCommunityShared Personal 6. Pit/tank emptying and transportationmethods100% 90% 80% 70% 60% Other 50% 40% Mechanical 30% Manual 20% 10%0% Dhaka Khulna Faridpur 7. Destination of sludge100% 90% Open 80% waterbody 70% Underground 60% Particular place 50% 40% Open drain 30% Randomly 20% 10%0% Dhaka Khulna Faridpur 8. Frequency of emptying 9. Awareness of the consequences 10. Expenses of emptying Willingnessto pay for improved service Manual 100%80% US$12-US$1760%40% Mechanical20% US$ 17 US$40 0%DhakaKhulna Faridpur No Yes 11. Demand estimation for on-sitesanitation 12. Service coverage 13. Follow up activities An action research to find outpossible ways forward (with fundingfrom Simavi) We shall try out different models tomake sludge into product over thenext 2 years. We welcome your thoughts andideas. 14. AcknowledgementThe research was funded and guidedbyWe acknowledge their support.


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