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  • African Wildlife Eric Magaw Top 10 most dangerous animals.
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  • Cape Buffalo This animal is responsible for the most big game hunter kills. They kill around 200 people a year. They charge at their victims and gore them with their horns
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  • Puff Adder This venomous snake is responsible for the most human fatalities. It can grow to be around 1 meter long and can kill a grown man in one bite.
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  • Lion Lions are extremely dangerous. Have you ever heard of the man eating lions of Tsavo? Well that wasnt a myth. It is mainly sick male lions who are responsible for the killing.
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  • Great White Shark Great white shark attacks are rare, but are very deadly when the occur. Over 200 reported attacks have happened in southern africa. Very recent ones have the victims being swallowed mostly whole.
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  • Nile Crocodile This type of crocodile kills hundreds of unsuspecting people every year. They are found in almost every major river throughout Africa. Crocodiles grab their prey and drag it under water to drown their victim.
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  • Black Mamba This is one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa. With a striking speed of 12mph. These snakes can grow to be 8 feet long. It is the longest venomous snake in Africa.
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  • African Elephant These non-gental giants are very unlikely to randomly run into. These animals trample their victims. In places where poaching is more common these animals are more aggressive.
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  • Human The human is responsible for more deaths than any other animal on here. In Africa millions are killed in civil wars.
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  • Mosquito This animal is probably one of the most dangerous. Seeing as how they can spread malaria and bite other humans the mosquito may be small but it is dangerous.
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  • Hippopotamus The hippopotamus is the most dangerous large animal in Africa. They are very territorial and if step to close they will charge and with the jaw size and power they have!
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