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<ul><li> 1. AFGHANISTAN Prepared by Eqbal (Habibi) 3rd Sem (BBM) </li></ul> <p> 2. Afghanistan Capital: Kabul Government: Islamic Republic Currency: Afghan( Afghani) Dialing code: +93 (0093) Official languages: Persian(Dari), Pashtu Population: 35,320,445 (2011) States: 34 Area: 650,000km Independence: Aug 19th, 1919 3. Afghanistan is surrounded by 6 countries, they are Tajikistan Iran China Turkmenistan Pakistan Uzbekistan 4. Darkness Civil war &amp; And invasions The time for peace And development 5. Mr.Hamed Karzai president and head of the nation 6. 98 % Muslims 2% Sikh 7. Constitution The present constitution of Afghanistan was agreed in (Dec 13,2003-Jan 4,2004) The constitution has 12 season and 168 article. Presidential 8. Called The National Assembly of Afghanistan Lower house Upper house 9. It has got 250 members 10. It has got 102 seats ,its members are called Senates 11. The currency of Afghanistan 12. Defense Minister of Afghanistan. Bismellah khan (Mohammadi) 13. 15% are Women in Police force 14. Article 43 of the Afghan Constitution Education free from kindergarten to Degree. Entrance age to school is 6 12 year school 4 year Degree After Degree people have to pay for their education. 15. 55% of women are educated 16. 65% of men are educated in Afghanistan 17. Eid ramazan(Ramazan Eid) 18. Copper, Gas, Coal, Precious stones And other natural elements are being Exported to regional countries 19. National Dress 20. PAIZAAR DRESS 21. Afghans got sports talents almost in all sports 22. Afghanistan in London Olympic 23. National football Teams Ladies and Gents 24. Cricket team 25. Mountaineer 26. Malls 27. Afghani Rice 28. Kabab 29. Bread </p>