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Afghanistan Borders with 6 countries


<ul><li> 1. Afghanistan Geographic loca2on &amp; Borderlines Sayed Mohammad Naim KHALID </li></ul> <p> 2. Geography 1. Afghanistan is described as being located within South Asia 2. la2tudes 29 N and 39 N, and longitudes 60 E and 75 E. 3. Area: 652,230 sq. km. (251,827 sq. mi.); slightly smaller than Texas. 4. Ci2es: Capital--Kabul. Other ci2es--Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, Konduz. 5. Terrain: Landlocked; mostly mountains and desert. 6. Climate: Dry, with cold winters and hot summers. 3. Afghanistan is in South Asia 4. Boundries with 6 countries 5. Border with Pakistan Afghanistan Pakistan Border is 2430 km 6. Border of Afghanistan with Iran Afghanistan Iran Boundry length 936 km 7. Afghanistan Tajikistan border Afghanistan Tajikistan border 1,206 km 8. Afghanistan Turkmenistan border Afghanistan Turkmenistan border 744 km 9. Afghanistan Uzbekistan borders Afghanistan Uzbekistan borders 137 km 10. Afghanistan China border Afghanistan China border 76 km 11. The end </p>