advantages of shipping agent in the freight from china to canada

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  1. 1. Advantages of shipping agent in the freight from China to CanadaIn the international freight from China to Canada, different types of agents can helpyou to promote the shipping, like China shipping agent, China freight forwardingagent, customs agent. All of them have their own advantages. If we can make gooduse of them, our international movement will be more smoothly and efficiently.Today we will discuss the advantages of shipping agent first.First, shipping agent can help you arrange for the freight. When sending items fromChina to Canada, you need to do quite a few things for the arrangement. For example,you need to find an agent to collect your goods, book cargo space, make the stowageplan of export goods, deal with all types of freight documents, sign and issue the billof lading, transact the transit business of ocean multimodal transport. To our pleased,all these operations can be handled by the shipping agent. Hence, you can takeadvantage of the shipping agent in the process of transport from China to Canada.Second, shipping agent can assist you with the loading and unloading of goods. As itis known to us, the loading and unloading of goods plays an important part in theprocess of transportation. When transporting from China to Canada, you need tocontact the related department to arrange for the loading and unloading. You needto transact the application of tally, supervision of discharge and inspection.Besides, you need to apply the hold inspection, fumigation. Once if your goods gotdamaged or lost, you will have to deal with the settlement of cargo claims. Since yourpunctual delivery from China to Canada can be affected by the rate of loading andunloading, it is highly recommended to choose a competent and reliable shippingagent to manage the procedures.Third, shipping agent can assist you with the management of container. Whenshipping cargo from China to Canada by container, you will have to transact the
  2. 2. formalities of import and export declaration, which includes the arrangement forhandling of containers, handover of containers, and handover of documents. As weknow, when making customs clearance, you need to prepare a series of freightdocuments and complete many shipping steps. If you have no idea on how to dealwith the customs clearance, that would be a hard thing to ensure smooth and timelydelivery.With the assistance of shipping agent, you can rest assure to ship cargo from China toCanada by containers. In addition, if you need to share a container with others, theshipping agent will be the best one to help you handle this condition. In this way, theprice of shipping from China to Canada will be much cheaper. However, it is difficultfor you to make consolidating shipments directly with shipping agent. While you canask your freight forwarder to help you contact with the shipping agent so that theycan find others to share the container with you.From the above information, we know that shipping agent can assist us with thearrangement of freight, the handling of goods, and the management of container.Along with expert shipping knowledge, abundant transport experience, and excellentshipping service, your international shipment will be well-protected. It cant bedenied that shipping agent can bring us plentiful advantages in the shipping fromChina to Canada.


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