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Per app VPN is advantageous for enterprise apps for iOS. Read more!


  • Advantages of per app VPN for enterprise app developmentPer app VPN is advantageous for enterprise apps for iOS. Read more!

    iOS 7 has come out with highly useful feature for per app VPN. In technological terms, VPN or a virtual private network allows users to access data from a computer across shared or public networks in the same manner as it would have done from a secure private network. Hence when we talk of per app VPN for Apple devices, we mean a mobile app development company making an exclusive application with its own dedicated and secured network. And with the help of which Apple users can easily go around public networks to access an enterprise app without compromising on security, while network admin have the full control of that app at the same time. What does this bring for a mobile app development company? What kind of enterprise applications an iPhone app development company india can conceptualize to utilize per app VPN?

    Making apps for public safety:

    A mobile app development company can create apps that access the huge databases to serve data for firefighters, criminal records etc. For example integrating an API to an app that gives high value data to iPhone users using the respective app.

    Making apps with large scale time based data:

    iPhone app developers can create health and fitness apps while integrating APIs

    from large health institutions to fetch data. Apps that can create a direct communication between doctors and patients based on the patients history that is fetched from a particular database of a large health organization.

    An iPhone app development company can also create apps for accounting, housekeeping, billing and various other sub categories that demands a segregated control and keeping data safe across public networks too.

  • Inventory management and CRM:

    A lot of weight can go behind process management which the iOS7 enterprise features can revolutionise. Especially with per app VPN, app developers can create apps with larger set of controls for the network admin which was not possible until now. Developers can create apps that can derive data from a database and send push notifications to customers, suppliers and vendors.

    Opportunities for sales representatives and insurance claim settlers:

    There is a lot of data and point based monitoring when it comes to sales representatives. At the same time these people need data and stats served in many forms that are unique with respect to the companies and the kinds of profiles that they hold. An iPhone app development company India can create multiple apps to funnel or catalyse the work of these sales representatives with respect to the various industries.

    Insurance claim settlers can look into all the complexities of a death and interact (fetch data, record or approve).

    Per app VPN is a phenomenal technology and can be used to make a lot of utility based enterprise applications and become valuable in the long run. There is a lot of potential within enterprise based application and it many app development companies can utilize the same in the 2014.


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