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Benefits Of Full Truckload Freight

Benefits Of Full Truckload FreightInformation Shared by:

Depending largely on what type of freight you are shipping, there can be cost savings if you choose to opt for full truckload.

If you have had a fair idea of full truckload shipping, it will be easy for you to enumerate the advantages of full truckload over less than truckload shipping primarily the cost benefit. Here are three most important benefits of full truckload freight.

Benefit 1: If you are shipping large enough freight which can fill and entire container and the shipment has a single place of pickup and drop, then shipping the freight by full truckload will be less expensive as compare with LTL

Benefit 2: Full truckload is a faster method of shipment. The full truckload freight is routed on a hub system, which makes transportation a lot easier and quicker

Benefit 3: Full truckload shipping is safer. Since packages are not handled en route and are only handled once each at pickup and drop off points, there is lesser chance of mishandling and damage to the consignment

Benefit 4: In full truckload shipping, the pricing is not done on per-pound (weight) basis, instead pricing depends on lane and miles travelled. For instance, if the shipment is scheduled to a high volume destination, the shipment will be priced lesser (as compared to a shipment marked for some other location) because it will beneficial for the transporter.

You may benefit with full truckload shipping in the following conditions: If you have a shipment which is large enough to fill the entire container or trailer

If your shipment has one origin and there is only one consignee (destination)

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