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A presentation on description and advantages of cloud computing


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Advantages of Cloud ComputingBy Mehmet Akif Btner is Cloud Computing ?Adventages of cloud computingOUTLNE1. What is Cloud ComputingComes from the early days of the Internet where we drew the network as a cloud we didnt care where the messages went the cloud hid it from us Kevin Marks, Google

Storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.-Eric Griffith,PC Magazine

2.Advantages of cloud computing

Cost-efficiencyElasticity in capacity(Pay as much as you use)ReliabilityDevice and location independencei.) Cost EfficientBalance between performance and costii.)Elastic CapacityPay as much as you useIncrease capacity as much as you wantiii.) ReliabilityHaving control on machines to reach dataFire resistant walls and doors7x24 securityPrecautions for natural diseasters data Center of Googleiv.)Device and location independence

On any device which can connect to the internetJust by entering e-mail adress and password

ConclusionWhy are we buying more boxes? Why do we need more software for cloud computing? Thecloud is not a box. It just isnt. There are no apps marketplaces if your cloud is a box.Marc Benioff,CEO

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