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  • Charlotte Greaves

  • From the experience of using Blogger at AS level last year, It gave me an advantage of having a good knowledge of how to navigate and use it.At times through my project, Blogger has been a disadvantage for me as sometimes it would not allow me to upload my images to my blog posts.Another disadvantage for Blogger, is that it only allows you to upload a certain (small) amount of video to the blog itself. This is where YouTube and Vimeo came extremely helpful to me, as most of my footage and videos were large files.

  • Survey Monkey was a huge advantage for me in terms of my project. It was extremely useful, allowing me to collect data from the general public about my products and how successful they were in other peoples opinions. This helped me to evaluate my products myself and give me any useful feedback that could potentially assist me in refining my project and making any changes that I needed to.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro was an extremely useful as it was the editing software I used to create my music video itself, without the software, I wouldnt have been able to create a high quality piece of work using an advanced editing software with a variety of effects etc.A disadvantage of Adobe Premiere Pro was the fact that it was very time consuming. The editing became quite tedious and frustrating as it was a long timescale and the amount of times but I persevered. It allowed my final product to look as professional as it could be.It was very instinctive and straight forward to use, however there was a level of complexity to it, It had a number of different effects, such as the filter that allow a different colour layered over the photograph.

  • I used Prezi to create various presentations throughout my project. It was useful to brainstorm ideas and it was also a good way to present my research and journey.One downfall about Prezi, is that it is only accessible online. This means that I can only use it when there is internet connection, limiting my opportunities to access it at times.

  • After using a different camera for my previous project, I wanted to use my own camera instead of a school one, to get a better quality image. My Nikon 1 camera had a much better image quality, lacking the graininess of the previous camera it was easy use and it had a generally good build quality.It was hand held and small, which made it much easier to carry around. Plus the shot was much steadier and it fit properly onto the tri-pod, guaranteeing a selection of stable shots.

  • Photoshop was another really challenging and complex software that I used within my project. It allowed me to create my print products that were similar to my video, using the same fonts and effects etc.It allowed me to create my print products so that they were very similar. As the same effects were on the software, this was extremely easy as I could just import my image into Photoshop and use the same effects layered onto it.

  • Vimeo was something that was very helpful for uploading any videos I created during mu project, including drafts, footage and my final cut.However, one major downfall for Vimeo, was that it only allowed me to upload a certain amount of footage per week (500MB).This limited me a lot an so therefore I used a combination of Vimeo and YouTube, as YouTube didnt limit me in terms of data allowance.