[Advances in Marine Biology] Aquatic Geomicrobiology Volume 48 || Series Contents for Last Ten Years∗

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  • Series Contents for Last Ten Years*VOLUME 30, 1994.

    Vincx, M., Bett, B. J., Dinet, A., Ferrero, T., Gooday, A. J., Lambshead,

    P. J. D., Pfannkuche, O., Soltweddel, T. and Vanreusel, A. Meiobenthos

    of the deep Northeast Atlantic. pp. 188.

    Brown, A. C. and Odendaal, F. J. The biology of oniscid isopoda of the

    genus Tylos. pp. 89153.

    Ritz, D. A. Social aggregation in pelagic invertebrates. pp. 155216.

    Ferron, A. and Legget, W. C. An appraisal of condition measures for marine

    fish larvae. pp. 217303.

    Rogers, A. D. The biology of seamounts. pp. 305350.

    VOLUME 31, 1997.

    Gardner, J. P. A. Hybridization in the sea. pp. 178.

    Egloff, D. A., Fofonoff, P. W. and Onbe, T. Reproductive behaviour of

    marine cladocerans. pp. 79167.

    Dower, J. F., Miller, T. J. and Leggett, W. C. The role of microscale

    turbulence in the feeding ecology of larval fish. pp. 169220.

    Brown, B. E. Adaptations of reef corals to physical environmental stress.

    pp. 221299.

    Richardson, K. Harmful or exceptional phytoplankton blooms in the

    marine ecosystem. pp. 301385.

    VOLUME 32, 1997.

    Vinogradov, M. E. Some problems of vertical distribution of meso- and

    macroplankton in the ocean. pp. 192.

    Gebruk, A. K., Galkin, S. V., Vereshchaka, A. J., Moskalev, L. I. and

    Southward, A. J. Ecology and biogeography of the hydrothermal vent

    fauna of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. pp. 93144.

    Parin, N. V., Mironov, A. N. and Nesis, K. N. Biology of the Nazca and

    Sala y Gomez submarine ridges, an outpost of the Indo-West Pacific

    fauna in the eastern Pacific Ocean: composition and distribution of the

    fauna, its communities and history. pp. 145242.

    Nesis, K. N. Goniatid squids in the subarctic North Pacific: ecology, bio-

    geography, niche diversity, and role in the ecosystem. pp. 243324.

    Vinogradova, N. G. Zoogeography of the abyssal and hadal zones.

    pp. 325387.

    Zezina, O. N. Biogeography of the bathyal zone. pp. 389426.*The full list of contents for volumes 137 can be found in volume 38.

  • 638 SERIES CONTENTS FOR LAST TEN YEARSSokolova, M. N. Trophic structure of abyssal macrobenthos. pp. 427525.

    Semina, H. J. An outline of the geographical distribution of oceanic phyto-

    plankton. pp. 527563.

    VOLUME 33, 1998.

    Mauchline, J. The biology of calanoid copepods. pp. 1660.

    VOLUME 34, 1998.

    Davies, M. S. and Hawkins, S. J. Mucus from marine molluscs. pp. 171.

    Joyeux, J. C. and Ward, A. B. Constraints on coastal lagoon fisheries.

    pp. 73199.

    Jennings, S. and Kaiser, M. J. The effects of fishing on marine ecosystems.

    pp. 201352.

    Tunnicliffe, V., McArthur, A. G. and McHugh, D. A biogeographical

    perspective of the deep-sea hydrothermal vent fauna. pp. 353442.

    VOLUME 35, 1999.

    Creasey, S. S. and Rogers, A. D. Population genetics of bathyal and abyssal

    organisms. pp. 1151.

    Brey, T. Growth performance and mortality in aquatic macrobenthic inver-

    tebrates. pp. 153223.

    VOLUME 36, 1999.

    Shulman, G. E. and Love, R. M. The biochemical ecology of marine fishes.

    pp. 1325.

    VOLUME 37, 1999.

    His, E., Beiras, R. and Seaman, M. N. L. The assessment of marine pollu-

    tion bioassays with bivalve embryos and larvae. pp. 1178.

    Bailey, K. M., Quinn, T. J., Bentzen, P. and Grant, W. S. Population

    structure and dynamics of walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma.

    pp. 179255.

    VOLUME 38, 2000.

    Blaxter, J. H. S. The enhancement of marine fish stocks. pp. 154.

    Bergstrom, B. I. The biology of Pandalus. pp. 55245.

    VOLUME 39, 2001.

    Peterson, C. H. The Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska: acute indirect and

    chronic effects on the ecosystem. pp. 1103.

    Johnson, W. S., Stevens, M. and Watling, L. Reproduction and develop-

    ment of marine peracaridans. pp. 105260.

    Rodhouse, P. G., Elvidge, C. D. and Trathan, P. N. Remote sensing of the

    global light-fishing fleet: an analysis of interactions with oceanography,

    other fisheries and predators. pp. 261303.


    Hemmingsen, W. and MacKenzie, K. The parasite fauna of the Atlantic

    cod, Gadus morhua L. pp. 180.

    Kathiresan, K. and Bingham, B. L. Biology of mangroves and mangrove

    ecosystems. pp. 81251.

    Zaccone, G., Kapoor, B. G., Fasulo, S. and Ainis, L. Structural, histochem-

    ical and functional aspects of the epidermis of fishes. pp. 253348.

    VOLUME 41, 2001.

    Whitfield, M. Interactions between phytoplankton and trace metals in the

    ocean. pp. 1128.

    Hamel, J.-F., Conand, C., Pawson, D. L. and Mercier, A. The sea cucumber

    Holothuria scabra (Holothuroidea: Echinodermata): its biology and

    exploitation as beche-de-Mer. pp. 129223.

    VOLUME 42, 2002.

    Zardus, J. D. Protobranch bivalves. pp. 165.

    Mikkelsen, P. M. Shelled opisthobranchs. pp. 67136.

    Reynolds, P. D. The Scaphopoda, pp. 137236.

    Harasewych, M. G. Pleurotomarioidean gastropods. pp. 237294.

    VOLUME 43, 2002.

    Rohde, K. Ecology and biogeography of marine parasites. pp. 186.

    Ramirez Llodra, E. Fecundity and life-history strategies in marine inverte-

    brates. pp. 87170.

    Brierley, A. S. and Thomas, D. N. Ecology of southern ocean pack ice.

    pp. 171276.

    Hedley, J. D. and Mumby, P. J. Biological and remote sensing perspectives

    of pigmentation in coral reef organisms. pp. 277317.

    VOLUME 44, 2003.

    Hirst, A. G., Roff, J. C. and Lampitt, R. S. A synthesis of growth rates in

    epipelagic invertebrate zooplankton. pp. 3142.

    Boletzky, S. von. Biology of early life stages in cephalopod molluscs.

    pp. 143203.

    Pittman, S. J. and McAlpine, C. A. Movements of marine fish and decapod

    crustaceans: process, theory and application. pp. 205294.

    Cutts, C. J. Culture of harpacticoid copepods: potential as live feed for

    rearing marine fish. pp. 295315.

    VOLUME 45, 2003.

    Cumulative Taxonomic and Subject Index.


    Gooday, A. J. Benthic foraminifera (Protista) as tools in deep-water

    palaeoceanography: environmental influences on faunal characteristics.

    pp. 190

    Subramoniam T. and Gunamalai V. Breeding biology of the intertidal sand

    crab, Emerita (Decapoda: Anomura). pp. 91182

    Coles, S. L. and Brown, B. E. Coral bleaching capacity for acclimatization

    and adaptation. pp. 183223

    Dalsgaard J., St. John M., Kattner G., Muller-Navarra D. and Hagen W.

    Fatty acid trophic markers in the pelagic marine environment. pp.


    VOLUME 47, 2004.

    Alan J. Southward, Olivia Langmead, Nicholas J. Hardman-Mountford,

    James Aiken, Gerald T. Boalch, Paul R. Dando, Martin J. Genner,

    Ian Joint, Michael A. Kendall, Nicholas C. Halliday, Roger P. Harris,

    Rebecca Leaper, Nova Mieszkowska, Robin D. Pingree, Anthony

    J. Richardson, David W. Sims, Tania Smith, Anthony W. Walne, and

    Stephen J. Hawkins. Long-term oceanographic and ecological research in

    the western english channel. pp. 1105.

    Henrique Queiroga and Jack Blanton. Interactions between behaviour and

    physical forcing in the control of horizontal transport of decapod crusta-

    cean larvae. pp. 107214.

    R. A. Braithwaite and L. A. McEvoy. Marine biofouling on fish farms and

    its remediation. pp. 215252.

    C. Frangoulis, E. D. Christou and J. H. Hecq. Comparison of marine

    copepod outfluxes: nature, rate, fate and role in the carbon and nitrogen

    cycles. pp. 253309.