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Advances in Food PackagingMadhavi SharmaJv-u/13/6311B.Tech(FT) VII Tri

What do you think packaging exactly is? It is simply enclosure of material under shield(i.e. packaging material). Means of ensuring safe delivery of products to consumers. Art, science or technology for preparing foods for transport, storage or sales away from the point of production.NOTE: packaging = silent salesman

Functions of food packaging

Containment Protection Barrier Marketing Convenience Communication Processing requirement Security

Recent packaging technologies/ Advances in food packaging

Edible packagingSmart packaging Anti-microbial packaging Water soluble packaging Self cooling, self heating packaging Flavor and odour absorber Micro packaging

Edible Packaging The food is generally packaged in edible material layers of other edible products. This step is beneficial so as to reduce the environmental pollution. The best thing about edible packaging is that it reduces the wastage of food and investment(money).

Smart packaging This food packaging could tell consumers whether and when it's good or bad to eat.Indicate the quality of the product by changing color. Types A time-temperature indicator (TTI)- A device(super sensor) is attached to measure and display temperature. Freshness indicators - They signal directly product quality of the packed food with the help of devices like "electronic tongue

Anti microbial packagingAntimicrobials in food packaging are used to enhance quality and safety by reducing surface contamination of processed food. Antimicrobials reduce the growth rate of microbes and acts against their growth. In this type of packaging, the packaging surface is polished with some materials like silver ions chlorine dioxide, ethyl alcohol etc. which retards their growth.

Water soluble packaging It dissolves when comes in contact with hot water. Also called vanishing packaging Reduces transport cost by shipping dry powders initially and then making final product when reached at destination. Easy to use. Reduces pollution Unique in the market placeMainly made up of PVA(poly vinyl alcohol)

Self cooling self heating packaging They can change the temperature according to the environmental requirements .Basically they contain somemechanical or chemical technology for such process. It is a type of active packaging used for beverages. Technology adsorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which is released when theactivationbutton is pressed.

Flavor, Moisture and odor absorber Aroma water is being introduced which turns smell to flavor. Sometimes a small sachet is used to carry some harmless chemicals in it which can absorb odor and unwanted flavors from the food. Ethylene vinyl alcohol is generally used for such purpose. Generally silica was used earlier.

Micro packaging This is introduced with the help of nanotechnology: Micro Packaging. The material, which is thousands of times thinner than human hair , is used for preparation of such film. The packaging is significantly more eco-friendly than plastic. micro film consists of some proportions of soil, water and some special polymer. Clay nano-particles prevents oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide from decomposing food products.

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