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Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium Datasheet

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium software provides all you need to design and develop standards-based websites and immersive experiences for a wide range of mobile devices. Author with HTML5, CSS3, and the jQuery Mobile library; and target multiple platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, RIM, and Adobe AIR.

Top reasons to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium Multiscreen Preview panelView website designs as they would appear across desktop

computers, tablets, and smartphones within a single, easy-to-use panel in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5. Handle custom media queries and efficiently manage multiple CSS files.

Robust jQuery Mobile supportBuild rich content for devices with support for the jQuery Mobile framework in Dreamweaver CS5.5. Take advantage of mobile templates, contextual code hinting, and the ability to quickly insert objects into a design.

Expanded platform and device supportUse Adobe Flash Professional to create content optimized for delivery to multiple screens and reach audiences on the latest Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtimes, as well as on Android, iOS, RIM, webOS, and Adobe Digital Home devices.

Efficient workflows for multiple screensManage FLA files that target different devices with Flash Professional. Share assets across documents and device targets to efficiently create, test, package, and deploy content across multiple screens.

Powerful mobile application developmentBuild standalone applications targeted at multiple platforms using the new mobile support for ActionScript projects and Flex projects in Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium Edition. Leverage mobile-ready components optimized for performance and touch input.

Full designer-developer workflowWork collaboratively and confidently on shared Flex based projects with a new bidirectional workflow that allows designers who use Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 to work in parallel with developers who use Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.

Support for Flash Player 10.2Target an expanded set of devices with Adobe Device Central CS5.5, including those that support the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which is optimized for mobile devices.

HTML5 emulation and debuggingUse Adobe Device Central CS5.5 to emulate HTML5 content on supported devices, and take advantage of the latest version of WebKit to profile media queries, video, canvas, and SVG. Enable and disable JavaScript, and get real-size previews.

Enhanced code snippets handlingUtilize over 20 new code snippets in Flash Professional CS5.5, including ones for creating mobile and AIR applications, accelerometer use, and multitouch gestures. Use the new pick whip to visually add interactivity with ease.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web PremiumRedefine the extraordinary in web design and development

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium combines:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adobe Acrobat X Pro Adobe Fireworks CS5 Adobe Contribute CS5

Additional components: Adobe Bridge CS5 Adobe Device Central CS5.5 Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5

Integrates with Adobe CS Live online services*:Learn about the newest features of CS Live online services*complimentary until April 12, 2012. Visit for details.

Subscription option:Get the same product with low monthly payments. Visit to learn more.

Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA

* CS Live online services are complimentary until April 12, 2012. Visit for details.

Adobe online services, including Adobe CS Live Services, are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms and Adobes online privacy policy (available at Online services are not available in all countries or languages, may require user registration and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Additional fees or subscription charges may apply.

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The continuing evolution of creative power from AdobeWith CS5.5 Web Premium, Adobe continues the tradition of offering an ever-improving web design and development solution. Heres a snapshot of the powerful features in CS5.5 Web Premium that were added in previous releases.

Upgrade from Macromedia Studio 8 or Adobe Web Bundle (Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium and Macromedia Studio 8)

Upgrade from Creative Suite 3 Web Premium or Web Standard

Upgrade from Creative Suite 4 Web Premium or Web Standard



Expressive interfaces and interactive content without writing code



Ability to develop cross-platform rich Internet applications




Dreamweaver CS4LiveViewCreationofCSS-basedwebpages

Flash CS4 ProfessionalEasy-to-doanimation3Dtransformation

Fireworks CS4PDFexportCSSexportRapidprototypinganddesigning

for the web

Illustrator CS4MultipleartboardsBlobBrushtool

Photoshop CS4 ExtendedContent-AwareScaling

Smootherrotation,panning, and zooming

Acrobat 9 ProPDFPortfolios

Adobe Bridge CS4Fasterperformance

Dynamic Link CS4Dynamicallyupdatedlibrary

of mobile devices

Dreamweaver CS3SpryframeworkforAjaxSprywidgetsandeffectsAdvancedPhotoshopintegration

Flash CS3 ProfessionalNativePhotoshopandIllustratorfileimportCommonAdobeCreativeSuiteuserinterfaceAdobeDeviceCentralNewdrawingtools

Photoshop CS3 ExtendedSmartFiltersMoviePaint

Contribute CS3Newbloggingcapabilities

Acrobat 8 ProAutomaticpreflightcorrections

Illustrator CS3LiveColorIntegrationwithFlashProfessional

Fireworks CS3NativePhotoshopandIllustratorfileimportIntelligentscalingMultiplepagesinasinglefile

Adobe Bridge CS3PlaybackofSWFandFLVfiles

Dynamic Link CS3Abilitytodesign,preview,andtestmobile

content for hundreds of mobile devices


In C

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In C

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For more informationProduct

Upgrade wp_upgrade

System requirements Windows IntelPentium4orAMDAthlon64processor MicrosoftWindowsXPwithServicePack3;WindowsVistaHomePremium,Business,Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (ServicePack2recommended);orWindows7

1GBofRAMormorerecommended 9.1GBofavailablehard-diskspaceforinstallation;additionalfreespacerequiredduring installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)


SomeGPU-acceleratedfeaturesrequiregraphicssupportforShaderModel3.0 andOpenGL2.0


DVD-ROMdrivecompatiblewith dual-layerDVDs

JavaRuntimeEnvironment1.6(included) Eclipse3.6.1requiredforplug-ininstallation QuickTime7.6.2softwarerequiredfor

multimedia features AdobeFlashPlayer10softwarerequired toexportSWFfiles

BroadbandInternetconnectionrequiredforonline services and to validate Subscription Edition (if applicable) on an ongoing basis

Mac OSMulticoreIntelprocessorMacOSXv10.5.8orv10.6;MacOSXv10.6requiredforAdobeFlashBuilder4.5Premiumand Flash Builder integration with Flash Catalyst and Flash Professional

1GBofRAMormorerecommended 11.2GBofavailablehard-diskspaceforinstallation;additionalfreespacerequiredduring installation (cannot install on a volume thatusesacase-sensitivefilesystemoronremovable flash storage devices)


SomeGPU-acceleratedfeaturesrequiregraphicssupportforShaderModel3.0 andOpenGL2.0

DVD-ROMdrivecompatiblewith dual-layerDVDs

JavaRuntimeEnvironment1.6 Eclipse3.6.1Cocoaversionrequiredforplug-ininstallation

QuickTime7.6.2softwarerequiredformultimedia features

AdobeFlashPlayer10softwarerequired toexportSWFfiles