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  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Created by: Edward BenderMarch 7, 2012

    Adobe Connect Webinar Checklist

    Unit One: Pre-Webinar

    Unit Two: Entering Meeting Information

    Unit Three: Entering Event Information

    Unit Four: Entering Calendar Information

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Adobe Connect Pre-Webinar

    Unit One

    1. Presentera. Check Professional Developmentwebinar calendarto confirm

    that dates are available

    b. contact Adobe Connect Manager to confirmGeneral considerations

    limit webinars to one hour

    leave hour between webinars if possible

    try not to stack webinars on same day unless audiences are different

    2. Presenter providesAdobe Connect Webinar Request Form

    a. Submitted by:b.Contact Information in case of questions:c. Name of Webinar:d.Brief Summary:e. Date of Webinar:f. Start Time:g.Length/duration:h.Full Description:i. Presenter(s) name(s)j. List all email addresses.k.Please send copy of PPTs and documents

    3. Adobe Connect Login: (Helpful hinthave the above form open so you can cut and pasteinformation from the document)

    a. Login: partnerops2aconnect@4-h.orgb. Password: XXXXXXXXXXX

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Adobe Connect WebinarEntering Meeting Information

    Unit Two

    1. Enter Meeting Information:{Home Screen/My Meetings tab view}

    Click on: Create New: MEETING

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Select Participants

    Send Invitations

    Congratulations, you have completed Step OneCreate New Meeting. You will now begin Step


    Create Event (you will need the same information). In Event Management, you will need tolocate this meeting.

    From Meeting Information click on Home in gray tab

    Confirm that your meeting is listed under My Meetings Tab


  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Adobe Connect WebinarEntering Event Information

    Unit Three

    2. Enter Event InformationCreate an Event

    After you create your Meeting, confirm that your

    Meeting is listed.

    Next click on Event Management Tab in upper gray


    Click on New Event

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Make sure you have the completed Adobe ConnectWebinar Request Formready.

    The Event Information Page will look similar to the Meeting Information Page. Type or cut and

    paste the information from theWebinar Request Forminto the page
  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Select Content

    Click the button

    next to your

    meeting name.

    Then press Next

    Create Registration

    There are four defaults that are

    already chosen and are the minimum


    Press Next


    We are going to create 2 more

    Click on New Short Answer.

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Type in University or Organization.

    Check the box requiring response.

    Then press Save.

    Repeat for

    New Yes/No

    Enter: Are you a

    member of my4-H?

    Check box requiring


    Then press Save.

    On the next page you will press Next.

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Participant Management

    Partner Ops Aconnect 2 Host is default

    Click on Add Guest

    Enter email addresses for yourselfand for the person(people) that is hosting the event

    (Since you will have the partnerops2aconnect account and password, you will be able to access

    the event to help manage it)

    Include everyone that is presenting

    Also add my email address ( so I can forward the registration link to

    state liaisons

    If you are working with a special interest group (i.e. Robotics) add all of the emails to the list

    you would like, separated by comma


    Once you enter each email, you can highlight each person on the list and Set User Role and

    choose role: Host, Presenter or Participant. Make sure that the person(s) presenting the webinar

    is set as Host. You can always change their status when you are hosting as well

    Import/Export List

    You can import a .csv (comma separated value) file if you have your contacts saved

    that way by browsing your computer and uploading

    Because your name was added as a Guest, a registration email will come to you and

    you can send that to your distribution lists already in your email

    If you develop an extensive list in Add Guest screen, you can download the list as a

    .csv file from this screen and use that to upload the next time.

    Now that you have completed Participant Management clickNext .

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    E-mail Options

    The first five (5) boxes are checked as default. You will want to make some changes. Before

    you press finish, you need to clickCustomize for Remind participants closer to event.

    When you get into the reminder, set reminder for five days prior, check MS Calendar option,

    and press Save

    Send event Invitations

    Notify users approval pending Uncheck box

    Notify users when approved

    Notify users when denied Uncheck box

    Show reminder when updates need to be sent Uncheck box

    Remind participants closer to event ** Customize Set five (5) days prior

    Send absentee

    Send thank you

    Notify me when participants attend


    On next page press Finish.

  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    You will see Event Information

    Confirm all of the information, including event information, times, and presentation name.

    The Edit URL: is the link that will be sent to your participants for the event. You can cut and

    paste this as well.

    As soon as you press PUBLISH, an email with the event information will be sent to everyone

    you listed as a guest.

    That email can be forwarded to anyone else you would like. The events will be emailed to all

    4-H Science State liaisons by Ed Bender.

    Event Information page

    You will have the registration link on this page: the URL link with/event/in it as well as in

    your email. You can use either to enter into calendar and my4-H Events.

    Make sure to add me as a guest ( under Participant Management, so I

    receive the email notification. When I receive that, I will then enter the information into 4- calendar.


  • 8/2/2019 Adobe Connect Process Draft


    Adobe Connect Process

    Adobe Connect WebinarEntering Info into Calendars

    Unit Four

    6. Enter intomy4-HEvents.Go to Events Page and click on Add an Event in the Science Hub

    Enter information accordingly:

    In description box, add

    Register here: and paste the URL from the Event page that has /event/ in the link

    Once you enter Event click on link to verify that it takes you to the Registration Page

    7. Enter into CalendarGo to Staging Area:

    1.Press Login button in upper left corner2.Fill in User: and Pwd: then press Login3.When new screen appearsclick on staging 4-h.orgYou will then come to a screen that looks like

    1. Enter Resource Library/Professional Development/Science like normal2. Click on the calendar to open it3. Double click on date to open4. Complete information


    Location: Webinar

    Include title, date and descripti