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A quick guide for participants attending webinars in AdobeConnect.


  • Adobe Connect Meetings

    Instructions for Participants

    We recommend testing your computer

    before attending the meeting:

    1. Take the brief connection test, you only need to pass the first three

    steps as the fourth step is for presenters who need to share their screen:

    3. You must have Adobe Flash Player installed, you can verify this

    and install it if needed here:

    4. Ensure you have your speakers plugged in and detected by your

    computer BEFORE you join the Adobe Connect Meeting.

    5. Ensure that you have pop-ups enabled. Disabling pop-ups will block

    your meeting window from opening.

  • Adobe Connect Meetings

    Instructions for Participants

    Joining the Meeting:

    1. You will receive a link to join the meeting in an e-mail invitation. When

    the meeting time arrives, the link will become active and you can

    enter the URL into your browser.

    2. At the meeting login screen, enter as a guest and type in your first and

    last name. Click Enter Room.

    3. The meeting launches in your browser.

    4. You may be prompted to select how you would like to connect your

    audio. (From your computer, dial-in to the meeting or receiving a call

    from the meeting), if dial-in instructions are needed they will be included

    in your e-mail invitation containing the meeting URL.

    5. Test your audio by clicking on Meeting --> Audio Setup Wizard.

    6. If you are given speaking rights make sure your microphone is unmuted.

    7. You can change your status to provide

    feedback to the presenter and other at-


    8. Send a message to everyone in the chat

    pod and hit enter or click send.

    (Start a private chat with a host if you have

    any issues)

    9. To exit the meeting simply close your browser window.

  • Adobe Connect Meetings

    Instructions for Participants


    1. I cannot get into the meeting.

    Try the following:

    Enter as a Guest User

    Make sure popup blocking software is not blocking your meeting window.

    Click on the Help Link on the Meeting Login page, this will take you to the Test

    Meeting Connection page. If you do not pass the test you will be given further in-


    2. I cannot hear any audio.

    Verify your computer speakers are on and your volume is at an audible level.

    Check to see if the meeting host has provided teleconference information. If this is

    the case, you will need to dial-in via telephone to hear the meeting audio.

    3. I have been granted speaking rights but no one can hear me.

    Make sure your microphone is not muted.

    Run the Audio Setup Wizard by selecting Meeting > Audio Setup Wizard.

    Right click in the meeting window and choose Settings to view your Flash Player

    Settings. In the dialog box, choose Allow.

    4. The presenter is sharing their screen, but it is fuzzy.

    Click the Full Screen button on the top of the Share pod.

    View the full resolution by using the pod options menu in the top right corner of the

    pod to select Change View > Zoom In.

    5. I joined the meeting but it closed unexpectedly.

    Make sure popup blocking software is not blocking your meeting window.

    Check your internet connection.

  • Adobe Connect Meetings

    Instructions for Participants

    Questions or troubleshooting?

    Contact Janna Priest at

    Brief video introduction for participants available here:


    Full list of video tutorials fur using Adobe Connect: