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  • Adobe Connect Mobile App

    Technology Training Services October, 2014 480-731-8287

    Adobe Connect Mobile Adobe Connect Mobile is a free app that allows

    you to attend, present, and host online meetings

    or trainings. You can download this app with

    virtually any mobile device (iOS 6 & higher and

    Android 2.3.4 & higher).

    Hosting your Meeting Once you have installed the Adobe Connect

    Mobile App, when you open your app, it will

    prompt you to enter your meeting URL. This is

    the only way you can access the meeting through

    your mobile device.

    1. Enter your meeting URL, click Next.

    2. Select the Member radio button.

    3. Enter your login and password, click Enter.

    Meeting Room Functions Once you have logged in as a host for your

    meeting, the layout of your meeting displays on

    your mobile device.

    - Meeting Room.

    - Share Pod.

    - Attendees Pod.

    - Video Chat Pod.

    - Chat Pod.

    - Notes Pod.

    - Q&A Pod.

    - Poll Pod.

    - Microphone.

    - Webcam Pod.

    - Raise your hand.

    - Help.

    - Menu.

    Unsupported Pods Currently the following pods are unsupported in

    this mobile app: Files, Private Chat, and Web

    Links pods. Sharing a video is not supported on

    iPad First Generation.

    Formatting text features within the Whiteboard,

    Notes, and Q&A pods are not available.


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