Adding Value to Distribution Chain, Distributors and Retailers

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  • 1. Adding Value to Distribution Chain, Distributorsand RetailersIncrease value and also Customer Value in your delivery chain, includingdistributors and retailers and make more profits. I am reproducing fromthe website of Cox Industries manufacturers of wood products. I sendthis to show how you too can increase Customer Value and Create Value.Contact Customer Value Foundation for help, or reply to this email.Beyond our products, Cox offers supporting services that allow our customersto build stronger relationships among other suppliers, design professionals,contractors, builders and homeowners. Partnering with other leaders in thebuilding material industry, Cox has the ability to deliver system solutions,continuing education, customized market outreach, web site development andprograms that promote a retailers complete product line. After all, the moreour retailers business grows, the stronger our customer base becomes.Value is measured in more than products and price. Supply chain logistics,electronic data exchange, quick access to resources, information and rapidproblem resolution- all impact the overall cost of doing business. For instance,Cox recognizes the costs associated with handling and managing inventory, sowe have partnered with Sustainable Management Systems, to deliver RFIDtechnology for to assist the Utility Industry with assest management.Contact Customer Value Foundation for help.Regards,Gautam MahajanPresident-Customer Value FoundationTelephone: 11-26922006/ 26831226Email: mahajan@customervlauefoundation.comwebsite:


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