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How to on adding and changing your Blackboad course menu listing.


  • 1. Adding Items to your Blackboard Course Menu
    Kristy WalkerBlackboard AdministratorRappahannock Community College
  • 2. All courses at RCC are given a template course to use when designing course content.
    Courses are required to have the following items:
  • 3. Three Help Areas
    Technology Tips
    Blackboard FAQs
    RCC Help and Support
  • 4. How to customize the look of your menu listing
    Go to the Control Panel
    Select Customization
    Click on Style
  • 5. Adding a Menu Item
    Make sure Edit Mode is ON
    Locate the menu bar above the title in your course.
    Click on the add icon to display the listing of items that can be added.
  • 6. Adding a Menu Item
    There are seven different types of areas that can be added to your menu listing.
  • 7. Adding a Content Area
    Click on the Add icon.
    Select Create Content Area
    Type the name in the text box.
    Check the box to make Available to Users
    Click on Submit.
  • 8. To move an item in the Navigation menu
    Click on the arrow to the left of the menu item.
    Drag the menu item to its place in your menu listing.
    If you have problems dragging and dropping reorder your items by clicking on the reorder icon.
  • 9. After creating a content item you will see a grayed out box beside your item.
  • 10. Editing a Content Area in your Menu Listing
    Editing a External Link
    Editing a Content Area
  • 11. Hiding a Content Item
  • 12. Best Practices
    Start Here
    Shorter Menu Listing
    Changing Color of Menu Items
    Cleaning up your menu after course copy
  • 13. Credits
    Image on first slide licensed by Creative Commons
    Photo by Lee Jordan on