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Addicted to Cheap Shopping?. Video Worksheet. How does the government calculate the rate of inflation?. Goods and Services. 2. Why are electronic devices cheaper today?. Manufactures and retailers have been able to cut costs. 3. Define economies of scale?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Addicted to Cheap Shopping? </p> <p>Addicted to Cheap Shopping?</p> <p>Video Worksheet</p> <p>How does the government calculate the rate of inflation?</p> <p>Goods and Services</p> <p>2. Why are electronic devices cheaper today?</p> <p>Manufactures and retailers have been able to cut costs</p> <p>3. Define economies of scale?</p> <p>The more you sell the cheaper you can sell it</p> <p>Cut cost and pass on savings to consumers4. Where is the Mall of America located and what year did it open?Bloomington, Minnesota1992Mall of America </p> <p>5. Who is the founder of Wal-Mart? Sam Walton</p> <p>6. How much money does Wal-Mart make everyday? Every hour? 1 billion40 million</p> <p>7. How much did Wal-Mart and their customers save by not packaging deodorant in boxes?60 million a year</p> <p>8. What type of business is IKEA?Cash and carry </p> <p>9. Why are products cheaper?</p> <p>Globalization</p> <p>10. Why is the cost of shipping cheap goods going down?Containerization11. Define fast fashion?</p> <p>Designer fashion without the price </p> <p>12. In the past, new fashion lines went on the shelf four times a year but how many times a year does it happen now?Everyday </p> <p>13. Which types of shops suffer because of cheaper goods?Charity shops</p> <p>14. Where is the largest wholesale shopping center in the world located? Yiuw, China </p> <p>15. What is the goal of Chinese Entrepreneurs? They would like to make their own products and keep the profit for themselves. </p>