adapting the city. building & infrastructure dr tim whitley associate director, arup

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  • Adapting the city
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  • Building & Infrastructure Dr Tim Whitley Associate Director, Arup
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  • Sustainable Building Retrofit Adaptation and Mitigation
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  • Climate Change Impacts Lack of resilience High energy bills Summer overheating Customer discomfort 9.0 6 O C 9.67 O C 10.1 O C
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  • Adaptation vs Mitigation and Retrofit MitigationAdaptation Reduce energy useIncreased summer temperatures Reduce water useIncreased flood risk Lower carbon footprintMore extreme weather events Challenge Potential increased cooling to cope with increased summer temperatures vs reducing energy use
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  • Bruntwood Adaptation and Mitigation Three packages 1.Behavioural 2.Fabric 3.Services Two categories 1.Suite related (impact on customers electricity bills) 2.Building related (impact on service charge energy costs)
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  • Cost-benefit Analysis
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  • Key Intervention examples Envelope and environmental system strategy High performance glazing Solar shading through glazing and blinds Insulation to roof and spandrel panels Expose soffits for passive/night time cooling Install high efficiency ventilation and conditioning systems Maximise daylight opportunities
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  • 20406080120140160180100200220 Total Cooling W/m 2 (perimeter areas) Cooling Loads Occupants BCO Guide Machines Spare Lighting 3m Continuous glazing Clear double glazing + internal blind 2m 1m 0.5m 3m High performance 66/34 glazing + internal blind 2m 1m 4m.5.5 Blind in ventilated cavity 4m 3m 2m 1m.5 Faade Mitigation and Adaptation
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  • Key Intervention examples Control & monitoring systems Enhanced BMS, increased controls, smaller zones Lighting control zones, low energy lighting Extensive sub-metering and real time displays Comprehensive behaviour change strategy Prompt energy conscious behaviour change
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  • Overall Building Carbon savings
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  • 40-50% Savings
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  • Adapting the city