Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change

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Speaker: Tony McQuail Session: Bridging the Capacity of Agriculture to Adapt to Climate Change


  • 1. Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change Bring Food Home November 17, 2013 Tony McQuail
  • 2. Big Challenges Climate Change Peak Oil - Peak Everything? Environmental Degradation Economic Inequity Social Deterioration Can we develop approaches that address all these challenges at once? Agriculture is the largest land use on the planet How it is structured has profound implications for all these challenges.
  • 3. Meeting Place Organic Farm
  • 4. Solar energy at Meeting Place Organic Farm And Carbon Sequestration
  • 5. HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT Creating The Life You Want
  • 6. HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT How to: Care for your PEOPLE Improve the LAND Make a PROFIT By making better decisions
  • 7. Bare Capped Soil - Zimbabwe Allan Savory and African Range Land 6 months later After - 200 cattle & 100 goats in a new area each day Improving land health by learning to mimic Nature Particularly with grazing animals for animal impact and herd effect. Two Years Later
  • 8. Holistic Decision Making Uses A HOLISTIC GOAL and SEVEN TESTING QUESTIONS
  • 9. Steps in HM Process Create a Holistic Goal with inclusive group Quality of Life Forms of Production Future Resource Base Learn & Use Seven Testing Questions Keep moving forward towards Holistic Goal Learn About 4 ecosystem Processes Water Cycle, Mineral Cycle, Community dynamics Energy Flow Use Planning Processes Weak link determination Financial analysis and forecasting Plan-Monitor-Control- Replan.
  • 10. Adaptation not just Farm Sally talk about Transition Town movement. Follow with discussion Break Then resume with some stories from Meeting Place Organic Farm
  • 11. Discussion 20 Minutes Total 5 minutes -individually to consider -How can you apply these ideas to your own life NOW? - How would the application of these ideas improve or damage your community? 15 minutes group discussion Appoint a recorder
  • 12. Holistic Management Examples from MPOF Holistic Goal 4 ecosystem processes Testing Questions Financial Management Monitor/replan
  • 13. A Family Holiday?? In The Summer????
  • 14. August 1996 in BC
  • 15. Replace Snow Blower?
  • 16. Testing = Snow Scoop
  • 17. Energy & Community
  • 18. Financial Planning Developed New Enterprises CSA Garden Pick Up Freezer Meat Retailing
  • 19. Adapting Agriculture? Need to have a vision of where to go Need to have a process that guides us Need to accept we may be wrong Need to be able to correct our direction Need to work with others
  • 20. Lots of Systems Organic Ag Ecological Ag Permaculture Restoration Agriculture Regenerative Agriculture Regrarian Community Supported Agriculture Holistic Management is a process that can work with any system.
  • 21. Give out Handout Any last comments or questions?


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