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  1. 1. Adagio Teas Brand Experience Story Seth Brewer January 2009
  2. 2. The Company Founded in 1999 with the aim of providing consumers with unmatched quality and variety of teas.Has become the most popular destination for tea online Among the highest rated companies on BizRate and Epinions Singled out by Consumer Union as having the "most trustworthy" consumer practices.Its products include loose teas, gourmet teabags, unsweetened ready-to-drink teas and imaginative teaware.In addition to its online store, Adagio Teas' products are available in many gourmet and health food stores, including Whole Foods, Wegmans and Earth Fare.
  3. 3. The User Web pro for a Fortune 100 company. New to tea -- doesn't know much about it except that he likes Earl Grey.Goals:Interested in finding a good loose-leaf Earl Grey tea. Needs:Must feel a high level of trust with the company he is ordering from. Must be confidant that the product will be high quality and the transaction will be safe. Since tea is something the user is just experimenting with, he is very cost conscious. Self Portrait by Baron Von Foss Wired Magazine2008
  4. 4. First Encounter
  5. 5. Finding Google Search
    • Search for "Tea" on Google. First page above the fold link. Well written description. Click...
  6. 6. Finding Home Page
    • First impression: nicely formatted site. Excellent structure, everything holds together, clear information grouping, excellent graphics, friendly.
  7. 7. Finding Home Page
    • OK, do they have Earl Grey? Let's see, Earl Grey is a black tea, I'll start there. Click...
  8. 8. Finding Teas
    • Whoa, that's a lot of different teas... is Earl Grey in there? a... b... c... e... oh yeah, Earl Grey Bravo... that sounds right. Click...
  9. 9. Finding Teas
    • Wow that's a dramatic product shot. Love the detail though. Doesn't look like any Earl Grey I've ever seen before. Never heard of Bravo either. Let's see what the description says...
  10. 10. Learning Teas
    • Nice short description -- three sentences -- sweet! Very well written -- light, but fact-filled. But am I going to like it? Oh, there are reviews...
  11. 11. Learning Teas
    • Holy smokes, there are a lot of reviews... good reviews too. Another tab: "Story" let's check it out. Click...
  12. 12. Learning Teas
    • Hm, a little history of where Earl Grey came from. Nice. "Recommendations"? Click...
  13. 13. Learning Teas
    • No page refresh. very nice. Other teas that are like Earl Grey. Ill check those out later. "Share & Save" Click...
  14. 14. Learning Teas
    • Oh, I can send it to a friend. That does nothing for me. What's this other stuff? Social network? Digg? RSS? Dont see how that helps me either. Ill come back to it.
  15. 15. Learning Teas
    • OK good site, I trust its good tea, but how much is going to cost? Easy to see that it's right there... Four packaging options different sizes. 8oz tin $12.00. That's a good price. And hey, look that's only 12 cents a cup!
  16. 16. Transacting Cart
    • Nice, still on the same page, and look at that, my shopping cart is right there and check out is just a click away. Click...
  17. 17. Transacting Checkout
    • Login? Hmm... not sure I like that, but it's just email address for now so OK... Click...
  18. 18. Transacting Checkout
    • Ok normal stuff here, nice easy chunks. Enter info, Click...
  19. 19. Transacting Checkout
    • Look at that, confirmation screen already. That was easy. Nice clean clear presentation.
  20. 20. Interruption
    • Argh... Cancel order...
    Lovely wife walks in... "I already bought tea yesterday."
  21. 21. Second Encounter
  22. 22. Marketing - Email
    • An email from Adagio Tea? Hows that? Click...
    • Wow, that's hard core. 5 bucks off? Running low on tea again... I'm in. Click...
  23. 23. Marketing - Retention
    • Look at that, the site recognizes me and my cart is still loaded. One click to check out. Click...
  24. 24. Marketing - Retention
    • Complete...
  25. 25. Marketing - Retention
    • Confirmation email... nice brand cohesion.
  26. 26. Third Encounter
  27. 27. Customer Focus - User-Centric
    • Lets check status... Log back in... Nice, right to my order history and the order tracking is right on screen. Good, looks like it's almost here.
  28. 28. Fourth Encounter
  29. 29. Marketing - Retention
    • Tea arrives. Fast shipping. Everything is there. Nicely packaged - shipping box graphics hold true to the website. Nice containers - solid and sophisticated.
  30. 30. Marketing - Retention
    • Tea looks, smells, and tastes great.
  31. 31. Marketing - Retention
    • Same day tea arrives... an email in my inbox letting me know it was delivered. Very impressive.
  32. 32. Fifth Encounter
  33. 33. Site Features
    • This is where I will be getting my tea from now on. What else is on the site?
  34. 34. Site Features
    • Reorder... keeps track of what Ive ordered in the past. Convenient. Makes me feel like they remember me and are trying to make my life easier.
  35. 35. Site Features
    • Auto Delivery... A nice feature. I especially like that they have my previously ordered teas listed again.
  36. 36. Site Features
    • Returns & Claims... They even make returns easy. Displays a lot of respect for the customer.
  37. 37. Site Features
    • Mail Free Gift Certificates... great way to encourage referral sales.
  38. 38. Site Features
    • Blends... the iTunes of tea.
  39. 39. Site Features
    • Blends... make your own blend.
  40. 40. Site Features
    • Blends... make your own label.
  41. 41. Site Features
    • Recommendations... cross-sell via peer purchase data.
  42. 42. Site Features
    • Live chat... supports customer service, supports sales.
  43. 43. Site Features
    • Tea Map... find a tea shop near you. Building a tea community -- and winning over stores that dont sell Adagio Teas... yet.
  44. 44. Site Features
    • Tea Map... peer reviews.
  45. 45. Site Features
    • Newsletter... creates awareness, builds loyalty, drives sales.
  46. 46. Site Features
    • Forum... builds community, supports sales.
  47. 47. Site Features
    • Twitter... builds awareness, builds community, educates customers, supports sales.
  48. 48. Site Features
    • Twitter... gift certificate offer... encourages following, keeps adagio top of mind.
  49. 49. Site Features
    • RSS Feeds... educates customers, keeps adagio top of mind.
  50. 50. Conclusion This company has fully embraced the web as a business environment. The web is not just a part of their business, it is the core of their business.Using this site is like going to a small independent boutique brick and mortar. You feel comfortable and respected. You feel the owner is working hard for your business. You feel like an important customer. Adagio sellsexcellent tea. That fact is almost overshadowed by the passion for their teas and their customers that is on display through just about every available mediumand at every point of contact. Brand = how you make people feel. Adagio makes you feel very good.