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2/18/20152ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N)

2/18/20153ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) `````


I MSc.(N) STUDENT2/18/20154ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 4OVERVIEWACUPRESSURE Definition & PrinciplesGeneral DirectionsMechanism of ActionAcupressure pointsPrecautionsSide-effects

2/18/20155ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) OVERVIEW (Contd)ACUPUNCTURE Definition and History Modalities usedAcupuncture needlesEffect of Acupuncture Legal IssuesComplications and ContraindicationsNurses ResponsibilityImplications in Mental illness Acupuncture in India2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 6Definition Acupressure involves application of manual pressure usually with fingertips to specific points on the body.2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 7

General DirectionsUse firm pressureAcupressure points are very sensitive areasMassage until numbness is feltNo limit in the number of exercises per day.Increase the massage in intensity slowly.During massage ,client can sit or lie down and breathe deeply.Client need not massage on his own.

2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 8

Basic Principles Chinese philosophy believes that a person is healthy when Qi flows evenly along the merdiansThe root cause of all diseases is a disorder in this energy vibrationIt defines 12 merdians connected to 12 vital organs .Any factor affects the flow ILLNESSImbalances caused Blockage /Leakage of energy in particular channel2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 9

ProcedureAdministered by acupuncturist oftenPressure increased for about 30 seconds, held steadily for 30 sec 2 min.Repeated 3- 5 timesAcupressure & acupuncture same active points2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 10

MECHANISM OF ACTION2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 11ACUPRESSURE POINTSSelection of points by acupuncturistAcupressure point sectionsChest and Abdomen pointsHead,Scalp ,Shoulder pointsArm and hand pointsLeg and feet points 2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 12


PRECAUTIONSAcupressure should never be painfulPressure should be gentleAVOID Osteoporosis, Bruising ,bleeding disorders,Circulatory problems Diabetes & in Anticoagulant therapy/Antiplatelet medications(Warfarin) Else can be done under supervision of a qualified therapist.2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 15

Side-effectsRARESorenes and temporary lightheadedness

2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 16

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It is the treatment of various diseases of the body ,carried out by inserting very fine filiform needles or giving heat to specific points on the body.

Latin Acus - needle & pungus - prick2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 18DefinitionHISTORYAncient Chinese medicine about 5000 years oldAt that time needles made up of bones and bamboo were used.Collective work - Huang Di Nei Jing 3rd century B.C2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 19

ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTDetailed history Choosing of acupuncture pointsUsual length of treatment 10-30 min.1-2 times per week

ACUPUNCTURE POINTS 14 merdians, 360 acupuncture points 2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 20

MODALITIES USEDElectro-Acupuncture - Diabetes ,asthma,slip disc,sciatica,migraine,addictions, deafness,menstrual disorders,azoospermia etcHe-Ne Laser Therapy Children,elderly ,debilitated and Hi-Fi patientMoxibustion Asthma,Rhinitis etcCupping/Fire cupping/Bekam Therapy Catgut Embedding TherapyPlum blossom Therapy.2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 21RISK RATIO0.05 per 10000 treatments or 0.55 per 10000 individual patientsRisk of a serious adverse event is low2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 222/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 23


ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES2/18/201524ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) Size- 0.12mm 0.35mm in diameterLength - 1- 1.5 inch Standards for acupuncture needlesSpecialised Acupuncture NeedlesThree-edged NeedlePlum blossom needleIntradermal needlePress needlesEar seeds,press seeds and pellets

2/18/201525ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) Effect of ACUPUNCTUREAnalgesic effectSedative effectHomeostatic effectEffects on CNSMotor recoveryImmunity enhancingEffects on blood vessels and bloodEffects on Digestive system and respiratory system2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 26Legal IssuesHands of an unskilled practitionerIndirect regulations Drugs & poisoning scheduling Skin penetration regulations Therapeutic Goods AdministrationChoosing a practitionerAssociate membershipQualifications 2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 27

ComplicationsNeedle DystociaBent NeedleBroken NeedleFaintingInjury in internal organsBleedingInfectionForgotten Needle2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 28

CONTrAINDICATIONSAcute Cardiac and congestive failuregerMalignanciesSurgical- intestinal obstruction etcDrugsPregnancyHemorrhagic diseasesMiscellaneous Very old patients, Sweating profusely,After hot bath,after food,hungry patients, Debilitated and dying patients.

2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 29

2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 30


DEPRESSIONWater Fear (Renal)

Fire Joy (Heart and Sleep )

Wood Anger (Aggression & Disappointment

Metal Grief (Respiratory)

Earth sympathy & empathy (Digestive)

2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 312/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 32

ANXIETY DISORDERSInnate deficiency of heart and kidney energies,excess of liver QiLack of communication between heart and the kidneys Stillness with prominent EEG readings,deep relaxation and degree ofunresponsiveness to pain stimuli

2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 33Insomnia ncreasing production of serotoninAddiction Improveis immune function,increases working memory and prevents neurological disorders.Smoking Auriculopuncture & electroacupunctureAlzheimers Disease Verbal & motor skills ,cognitive and mood functionsParkinsons Disease Alleviate muscle stiffness,soreness and tremors 2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 34Anorexia Nervosa Restore functioning of vital organs and other essential bodily functionsNocturnal Enuresis Mental Retardation IQ Developed and Social adaptation behaviour increased.Insomnia Phobias Increased production of Endorphins,alleviates fears,anxieties and stressSchizophrenia Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- Dampness /Phlegm entities removed2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 35NURSES RESPONSIBILITY Adequate informationEnsure sterilized needles Proper history collectionInfection controlCareful count of needlesDocumentation2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 36

2/18/201537ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N)

Acupuncture An Alternative TherapyHealth Issues related 2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 38DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ACUPUNCTURE & ACUPRESSURE2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 39

ACUPUNCTURE IN INDIAAcupuncture CAM therapy Institute in IndiaIANMIGNOU PG Diploma coursesIndian Academy of acupuncture science,AurangabadIndian Board of Alternative Medicine TRAINING2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 40

CONCLUSION2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 41The future of acupuncturedoes not lie with the west or east but with the third world where one in three die from diseases or poverty before the age of five ,five million each year. The third world cannot afford western medicine.

2/18/2015ANCY KURIAN I MSc.(N) 42

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