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Active Reading Strategies. a.k.a. ARS  BASIC ENGLISH 3/4. Active You have got to get involved!. Passive Don’t just sit by and watch. ACTIVE reading strategies. active READING strategies. "An apple ate my appendage!"  Think to yourself : “Well, what is an appendage?” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Active Reading Strategiesa.k.a. ARSBASIC ENGLISH 3/4

  • ACTIVE reading strategiesActiveYou have got to get involved!PassiveDont just sit by and watch.

  • active READING strategies"An apple ate my appendage!"Think to yourself : Well, what is an appendage?

    Wait a minute, did you just think about that sentence?

    You were actively reading!

  • active reading STRATEGIESA bunch of curious scientists wondered - "Hey, why is reading easy for some and hard for others?" These scientists did their little experiments and observations and learned that there are about 8 things that good readers seemed to do that helped them comprehend the text. "Eureeka!" They had found an answer to their question!

  • What are these Active Reading Strategies? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • PreviewBefore reading, look over the cover of the book, the titles, the pictures, and key words.Decide WHY you are reading what you are about to read.

    Studies find that babies are starting to tire of their parents texting rather than reading bed time stories!Baby BluesBy: Arthur Donald

  • PredictUse given clues and what you know about life to make a guess about what might happen in the future.Guess"I think that ...might happen because...."

  • Visualizeto picture what that would look likemake a movie in your head

  • Question: "How will I ever remember all of these strategies?"

  • Question: Create who, where, when, why questions about what is happening.

    If there is something you dont understand, create a question.

  • ClarifyTo clear up confusing parts. Go back, explain or re-read something you didnt understand.

  • ConnectFind similarities between the text and other booksyour lifeclassworkmovies"Oh, that's just like when...""I had an uncle like that, too."

  • InferMake an educated guess or conclusion about something that happened using clues from the text and your own knowledge.

  • People can't eat carrots very quietly.Remember...

  • Evaluateto make a judgement or to give an opinionFor example:"Twilight was the best book ever written! It was so realistic I felt like I knew Bella and Edward.""That was dumb. He should have just ignored his coach and suited up anyway."