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  • Active Learning with Mobile Devices 50+ Ideas, Free Apps, & Tips iPad  by  George  Yi,  Flickr  
  • Learning  is  not  the   product  of  teaching.   Learning  is  the   product  of  the   ac3vity  of  learners.     -­‐  John  Holt  
  • Active learning promotes g ement manag ell-bein sroom ental w s tter cla ical & m Be Phys Real-world learning uous learning Contin g centered learnin StudentCreativity
  • Take  pictures   Record   audio   Scan  with   QR  codes   Text  &   write  notes   Create  videos   Geotag   Augment   your  reality   Do  more   with  apps  
  • Draw your favorite • ame  a  category  (pet,  cartoon,  etc.)   N • tudents  draw  their  favorites     S • et  Jmer-­‐  30  sec.   S • hen  they  hold  up  their  drawings   T • tudents  scan  the  drawings  to  find  a   S peer  with  the  same  favorite   • hey  sit  next  to  that  student  &  chat   T for  1  min  Jll  the  next  category   Drawing  on  the  iPads  by  Kathy  Cassidy,  Flickr  
  • Mingle with Devices ISA  Square  Danc  by  LafayeGe  College,  Flickr  
  • App Mingle • air  students   P • et  Jmer-­‐  30  sec.   S • tudent  A  shows  a   S favorite  app   • eset  Jmer-­‐  30  sec.   R • tudent  B  shows  an  app   S • hen  the  Jmer  stops,   W students  switch  partners   Student  iPad  008  By  flickingerbrad,  Flickr  
  • QR Code= Quick Response Barcode
  • Suggested QR Code Apps/ Tools I-nigma QuickMark QR CodeWiz QRidee
  • *Integrate with realia *Jigsaw
  • Scan the following?
  • Match the right qr code!
  • Active learning via photography, Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr
  • Picture Apps Instagram InstaCC BeFunky Flickr PicCollage Tellagami ImageChef CamMe You Doodle Stipple Buncee Thinglink Comics Head Friendstrip Chatterpix Kids Write About This Tell About This Frame Artist Coolibah Muzy
  • • n  object  from  home   A • n  their  textbooks   I • round  the  school   A • hat  represents  a   T math,  science,  or   grammar  concept  
  • Image from
  • Ex. I Spy Geometry Shapes Choose an object around you that represents 1 of the shapes from the previous slide. Take a picture of the object. Show your object to a person. They will guess which object you took a picture of.
  • Examples:   Mission:  Snap  a  photo  of  graffi3  you  consider  art.   Explain  why?   Points:  10  pts.  photo  &  wriGen  reasons,  20pts.   with  mul3media  app  (Thinglink,  Buncee,   Audioboo),  30pts.  app  +  posted  on  your  blog   Mission:  Snap  photos  of  5  substances  in  your   surroundings.  Post  their  chemical  formulas.     Mission:  Snap  a  photo  that  represents  a  frac3on.   Create  a  word  problem., Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr
  • InstaCC App- Instagram Calendar & Challenges
  • Collages, Text, Magazines, Calendars & More! You  Doodle   Pic-­‐Collage  IOS/   Android   Frame  Ar3st   Image  Chef  
  • Create Interactive Image Posters Buncee
  • Collage Activities Examples:   • n  animal  in  its  habitat.  Describe   A what  you  observed.   • ecJons  of  an  object/  place  &   S make  it  into  a  puzzle.  Write  clues.   Your  peers  will  guess  what  it  is.   • escribe  an  event  you  witness  in   D a  series  of  pictures.   Cell  phone  camera  by  L-­‐ines,  Flickr  
  • Nature  book Rock  collecJon Moments  /  blog Bug  IdenJficaJon Plant  IdenJficaJon Water by Incase, Flickr Digital Scrapbooks
  • BookCreator Lite App • asiest way to E create multimedia books & publish to iBook store • nclude audio, I music, videos, images
  • Stories & Comics with Their Images Example:   Comics  Head  Lite  IOS/Android   Create  a  comic   about  a  sibling,   rela3ve,  friend,   pet  or  you  as  a   superhero.    
  • • tudents  walk  outside  and   S take  pictures  of  trash  they  see   outside   • hey  then  record  stories  of   T how  the  trash  got  there  from   a  1st  person  point-­‐of-­‐view   • ry  ChaXerPix       T
  • ChatterPix IOS Free App
  • Field Observations • air/  group  students   P • ith  their  devices  they   W observe  a  specimen,   make  hypothesis,  take   notes,  geotag,  take     photos,  collect  research   • resent  their  findings     P, Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr
  • Image  by  Adam  Bellow,  Founder     Educlipper- Video/ Audio/ Portfolio/ Curation
  • Send them on scavenger hunts! • air  or  group  students   P • ives  them  a  list  of  items   G • tudents  document  with   S their  mobile  device   through  video,  images,   audio  or  text    
  • Scavenger Hunt with Friends IOS/Android App
  • Active learning through video Animoto Instagram iMovie Vine Youtube Lightt Magisto Explory TouchCast WeVideo Videolicious Educreations QuoFX Video Game Your Video Action Movie Creatures FX Foteo IOS CineBeat @Video Directr Las aventuras de Zepi_2 by Citoplasmas, Flickr
  • Lesson Ideas
  • Storyboard,
  • Real World Word Problems • air/group  students   P • tudents  create  a  visual   S word  problem  that   represents  a  math  concept   in  ac3on   • ass  to  peers  to  solve   P • ry  Educrea3ons,  Touch   T Cast,  Drawp,  or  TinyTap­‐math-­‐problem  
  • Drawp for Schools IOS Free App • Drawing + photo + voice • Collaborative assignments
  • Newscaster • air/  group  students   P • hey  create  news  brief  of   T a  current  /  local/  domes3c/   interna3onal  event/  topic     • hey  research  then   T summarize  into  a  newsbyte   &  capture  footage     • uggested  Apps-­‐  Talking   S Ben  &  Tom  News  Reporter,   Touchcast,  Popplet,   Educlipper, Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr
  • Ecobugs App Augmented Reality
  • Alessi's turn on the iPad by Marcus Kwan, Flickr Tips
  • iPad by zeromk, Flickr
  • Use a Stylus 'Fellowes Multi-Stylus’ Found on
  • Give them tasks that use their senses to explore, Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr
  • More Recommended apps Educlipper   Book  Creator   Tiny  Tap   Evernote   Audioboo   Edmodo   Popplet   LinoIt     iPadio   Voicethread   SocraJve   Piiig  Talk   Padlet     Diigo       Aurasma   Google  Drive   StoryKit   Draw  for  Schools   ColAR     Voicethread       Dropbox   Scoodle  Jam   Space  Team   Share  Board   Garageband   Let’s  Learn  How  to  Draw   Amazing  Space  Journey  3D   iPad  at  Web414  by  Pete  Prodoehl,  Flickr  
  • The Future? • esture  based  apps   G • ugmented  reality   A • earable  technologies   W CamMe  App   Facemo3on  App  
  • Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” ~ Bill Gates