acs labelling systems - cable m labelling systems single wire, cable, hose and page 10 media conduit

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  • ACS Labelling Systems

    One system for all labelling needs

  • Contents


  • The COmpAny International competence Page 4 / 5

    Quality, production & development Page 6 / 7

    SOfTwAre Label everything with one software package Page 8 / 9

    LAbeLLing SySTemS Single wire, cable, hose and Page 10 media conduit labelling

    Terminal block labelling Page 11

    Device and device location labelling

    Control unit, signal unit Page 13 and system labelling

    LAbeLLing Overview Product and material overview Page 14 / 15

    LAbeLLing SySTemS Ink jet – Colour, speed & quality Page 16 / 17

    Laser – Permanent & fast Page 18 / 19

    Thermal transfer – Wide variety of labels Page 20 / 21

    Plotter – For universal use Page 22

    Plotter – With engraving option Page 23

    Engraving – Durable & economical Page 24 / 25

    Our ServiCe fOr yOu Services offered for labelling Page 26 / 27

  • The mArkeT LeAder'S quALiTy demAndS

    Murrplastik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of manual and computer-controlled labelling systems.

    For many years the labelling system Made by Murrplastik has proved its worth in difficult day-to-day operations – from manufacturing plants in the automotive industry to railway technology. The tests carried out in our in-house testing facil- ity guarantee the highest quality when it comes to longevity, robustness and economical implementation.


    we Offer wOrLdwide …

    • Distribution

    • Storage

    • Production

    • Service

    international competence

    The comPany

  • LAbeLLing SOLuTiOnS frOm A-Z

    Murrplastik offers labelling systems as compete solu- tions – everything comes from one source and everything matches perfectly.

    Plotters, engraving machines, printers, laser machines and labelling software from Murrplastik can be used for

    • A wide range of applications • Subsequent labelling • Software and hardware as a complete or custom solution • Labelling as a service

    The labelling of electronic components has been a con- stantly changing area since the beginning. Some years ago, Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH developed a fast and sim- ple labelling system for use on systems and components.

    With this method of labelling only a few components are re- quired to achieve rapid, clean and durable results.

    Over the last few years user software has taken on a differ- ent complexion. User software has evolved to include various options such as engraving, printing, lasing and plotting. Con- nections to upstream CAD/CAE systems facilitate fault-free data transfer to the output devices.

    A constantly growing range of materials makes it easier to adapt to today's label requirements.

    To sum up, the original handwritten label has evolved into a universal labelling system designed to meet all labelling re- quirements and to enable us to achieve our objective of sav- ing you time.

    "We save you time".

    • Single wire • Lines • Cables • Corrugated conduits • Terminals • Devices • Device location • Hydraulic components

    • Pneumatic components • Mechanical equipment • Control and signal units • Sensor systems • Actuators • Enclosures • Installations

    inscription with ...

    • Plotter • Hand pen • Automatic laser • Engraving machines

    • Laser printer • Thermal transfer printer • Ink jet printer


    inSCripTiOn TeChnique

  • 6

    quality, production & development


    We test the material for a wide variety of characteristics.

    • Flammability • Halogen-free • UV light resistance • Ageing • Functional testing • Hardness test • Vibration, shock and impact testing • Wipe resistance • Scratch/abrasion resistance • Saltwater spray test

    Halogen-free Flammability Temperature range

    Rail vehicles Automotive industry


    Wipe resistance test UV light resistance test

    The comPany

    Murrplastik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of manual and computer-controlled labelling systems.

    • Proven over many years • For manufacturing plants in the automotive industry • Railway engineering • In-house testing facilities • Top quality • Longevity • Robustness • Economic use


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    Murrplastik offers labelling systems as compete solu- tions – everything comes from one source and everything matches perfectly:

    • Plotter • Engraving machines • Ink jet printer • Laser machines • Labelling software • A wide range of applications • Software and hardware as a complete or custom solution • Labelling as a service


    The labelling of electrical components was from the be- ginning a continually developing topic driven by the in- dustry.

    • Cost-effective, fast and flexible production • New, innovative solutions • Sophisticated tools • Optimum labelling • Software-based labelling • Wide range of label holders

    and labelling devices • Production reliability and speed

  • 8

    Label everything with one software package

    frOm The pLAnning STAge righT ThrOugh TO The inSCripTiOn On The LAbeL

    Plotting, printing, engraving and lasering with one software package! The universal workstation at local or network level. Electric, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic labelling tailored to requirements. A single software package for all labelling

    requirements across the entire company and a central label- ling workstation minimise the cost of procurement, training, and maintenance.


    ACS SOfTwAre

    • Manual entry by keyboard • Transfer from CAD/CAE systems

    ink jeT

    Labelling of label plates, also in colour


    Individual, abrasion-resistant label- ling for metal and plastic label plates

    ThermAL TrAnSfer

    The thermal transfer system for maxi- mum labelling performance

    OffiCe prinTer

    Label paper and plastic labels with a laser printer


    The plotter family in three sizes for label plates, Duomatt and sheet labels

    engrAving OpTiOn

    Plotters in the MVPS-G3 series can be converted into quality engraving machines


    For fine mechanical engraving on materials with two or more layers


    The new ACS SOfTwAre

    The software provides you with many new features and functions for easy and optimum creation of labelling projects.

    • Support for common graphic formats (bmp, png, jpg, wmf, hpgl, plt)

    • Expanded symbol library • Import data from various CAD systems • Data management with the project explorer • The list of recently opened projects

    is divided into database and graphics projects

    In short, this means for you: • Process optimisation • Time savings • Cost reductions • Transparent workflows

    Selection of printed / unprinted records Targeted selection of previously printed or unprinted data records to optimise workflows.

    Status bar icons Direct access to frequently used program modules such as system parameters, printer settings or the parameter editor with icons in the status bar.

    Online Help The F1 key displays the Help topic for the current task.

    Multiframe feature Displays and outputs the label text in the database project on different label plate types within a process.

    Operating system

    • WIN XP Pro • WIN VISTA 32/64 Bit • WIN 7 32/64 Bit hardware

    • Minimum hardware requirements for the respective OS


  • 10

    Single wire, cable, hose and media conduit labelling

    LabeLLing SySTemS

    meeTing The STAndArd

    The European standard EN 60204 (VDE 0113 Part 1) pre- scribes the identification of cables, components and ter- minal blocks in control cabinets.

    This identification must remain permanently legible. Murrplas- tik’s labelling system fulfils all of these requirements. With the Murrplastik labelling system, you can label • Single wires • Terminals • Switches • Device locations • Control and signal units • and components from a wide range of manufacturers.

    The labelling can be done manually using the Ademark sys- tem; alternatively the computer-aided ACS system can be used. Data transfer routines for CAD/CAE packets support the project-specific transfer of labelling information.

    Murrplastik is the neutral manufacturer of labelling systems.

    This is one of the most durable yet economic labelling methods.

    • Extremely durable • Resistant to environmental factors and mechanical stress • Variety of mounting options • Variety of shapes • Variety of options • Captive • Subsequent labelling

    • Label sleeves • Label holders • Label plates

    • Duomatt • Triomatt • Alumatt • Anodised aluminium

    LAbeLLing mATeriALS

    engrAving mATeriAL


    LAbeL pLATeS

    Label plates Compatible terminal manufacturers


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