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  • Acquisitions: February 16 - May 15, 1956Author(s): Carey S. BlissSource: Huntington Library Quarterly, Vol. 19, No. 4 (Aug., 1956), pp. 408-410Published by: University of California PressStable URL: .Accessed: 25/06/2014 07:10

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  • Acquisitions

    February i6 - May if, i956

    TN ORDER tO inform scholars and friends of developments in the 1 Huntington Library's collections, each issue of the Quarterly will note briefly the more important acquisinons. It will be impos- sible to list all of the purchases and gifts received in the three-month period between numbers of the Quarterly, but books, manuscripts, and prints of special importance will be mentioned.


    A number of important English books printed before I64I have been purchased in the past three months. Of special interest is a copy of James Achesone, The Military Garden (Edinburgh, I629), a manual of instructions and exercise for the young soldier; no other copy is noted as being in America. Two other important titles in this field are The Theatre of the Earth (London, i 6I), the second edi- tion of this early gazetteer, with two other copies located in Amer- ica, and Fortunes Tennis-Ball (London?, I640), one of three copies in America.

    Two English medical works have strengthened the seventeenth- century holdings in this field. The first is a copy of Richard Wise- man's Severall Chirurgicall Treatises (London, 1676), a volume written by the surgeon to Charles II. It contains many important observations on army surgery in the English Civil War. The second title, System of Anatomy by Samuel Collins (London, I685), is the first English book on comparative anatomy. The Friends of the Library purchased both volumes.

    Another rare item is a little statistical work on the British navy entitled Gloria Britannica: or, the Boast of the British Seas (Lon- don, I696). It contains a complete list of the ships in His Majesty's service, when each was built and by whom, and the pay scale from captain to cabin boy.


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    The Library recently purchased a collection of 3 38 English pam- phlets, mainly printed in the 1730's and 40's, which add greatly to the Library's collection of social and political history of the period. Another important eighteenth-century addition is a copy of Leo- pold Berchtold's An essay to direct and extend the inquiries of patriotic travellers ... (London, 1789), two volumes. Volume one is a guide for tourists and volume two contains a bibliography of travel and guide books to various countries, arranged by country.


    The Friends purchased a very important manuscript journal by Major (later General) Harvey Brown. The journal concerns Brown's experiences in the Mexican War during the years I 846-48. Accompanying this journal is a volume of newspaper clippings detailing General Brown's later career in the Civil War.

    A very significant lot of autographed letters written by Joaquin Miller between the years i 862 and I 899 was a recent purchase. The collection contains 145 letters by Miller to his brother, Dr. John D. Miller, and a still larger group to Abraham van Doran Honeyman, a very close friend of the author.

    Another Friends' purchase was a collection of Confederate broad- side verse. The broadsides are mounted in one volume and consist of over 200 separate items. Many of them were printed in the ter- ritory held by the Confederacy and are therefore listed in the recent bibliography of Confederate imprints, but a large number were also printed in Maryland.

    Of early American medical interest is a copy of Benjamin Rush's An Account of the Bilious Remitting Yellow Fever, as it Appeared in the City of Philadelphia in the Year 1793 (Philadelphia, I794).


    A very beautiful as well as important addition to the Library's fine collection of type-specimen books was acquired from the Merrymount Press Fund. The volume, entitled ?preuves des carac- teres de la fonderie de Joseph Gille . . . (Paris, I773), was issued

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    by the Gille foundry in Paris, a firm which was started in 1748 by Joseph Gille and was continued by his son until I827. The firm was especially noted for the beautiful type ornaments and borders it produced.

    The Friends purchased a small but interesting lot of drawings, layouts, and proofs from Bruce Rogers, dean of American typogra- phers. The material greatly complements the fine collection of Rogers-designed books already in the Library.

    The well-known lithographic firm of Louis Prang was established one hundred years ago this year. Through the generosity of the Friends, a salesman's sample book of the firm's wares available about I875-80 has been acquired. The book is filled with gaily colored examples of Christmas, Easter, Valentine, and other anniversary cards so popular then and so scarce now.


    A very fine collection of I3I caricatures of prominent English statesmen and nobility was purchased from an English dealer by the Friends. The largest number of drawings are by Richard Dighton, but James Gillray and George Crui'kshank are also well represented. William Pitt, Lord Rothschild, and members of the royal family are all unmercifully caricatured.

    An important addition to the Library's holdings of William Blake material is the recent facsimile, printed in Paris by collotype and stencil, of Lessing Rosenwald's copy of Songs of Innocence and of Experience.


    In the recent sale of the botanical library collected by the late Major Albert Pam, the Library acquired eight titles. Three of the more irnportant works are: J. D. Hooker, Illustrations of Hima- layan plants ... (London, I855); J. H. Elwes, A Monograph of the genus lilium ... with the supplement, two volumes (London, I 880- I940); and Robert Sweet, Cistineae. The natural order of cistus or rock rose (London, 1825-30).

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    Article Contentsp. 408p. 409p. 410

    Issue Table of ContentsHuntington Library Quarterly, Vol. 19, No. 4 (Aug., 1956), pp. 317-413Front MatterThe Role of Washington in the Framing of the Constitution [pp. 317-334]Morley's Indebtedness to Tigrini [pp. 335-341]The Arrest of Hugh Peters [pp. 343-351]Milton in Early American Schools [pp. 353-383]Wuthering Heights and Shakespeare [pp. 385-392]Frank Norris and Scott Fitzgerald [pp. 393-400]Notes and DocumentsThe Publication Date of Rochester's Valentinian [pp. 401-407]Acquisitions: February 16 - May 15, 1956 [pp. 408-410]

    Back Matter [pp. 411-413]


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