Acidity: Definition, causes, symptoms and treatment of acidity.

Download Acidity: Definition, causes, symptoms and treatment of acidity.

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Introduction to AcidityAcidity is said to have occurred when a person suffers from heartburn, and also when formation of gas takes place in the stomach. It is a common problem which many suffer from, and occurs mainly due to excess secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.The hydrochloric acid helps in the digestion of food, but when released in excess, it starts affecting the inner lining of the stomach. This causes an acidic stomach.If not treated on time, the person might suffer fromsevere indigestion, gout, arthritis, and formation of ulcers either in the mouth or on inner walls of the stomach. When acidity takes place, the gastric juices move from the stomach to the lower oesophagus or the food pipe, in turn making it dysfunctional.

Causes of AcidityConsumption of food containing excess fatExcessive consumption ofcaffeineExcessive consumption of alcohol, and smokingStaying on empty stomach for a very long timePregnancy, obesity, and old ageToo much of junk food, and following anunhealthy diet

Symptoms of AcidityDuring heartburn, the person experiences a burning pain in the chest, just behind the sternum. This occurs mainly during the night while the person is lying down.Ulcer formation is seen in the mouth as well as in the oesophagus tube. Ulcers in the mouth often make it difficult for the person to speak properly.Appetite becomes poor.A severe or minor burning in the upper part of the stomach is experienced. This is called dyspepsia.The person suffering from acidity might also show signs ofconstipation.

Symptoms ContinueNauseating feeling may also be followed by vomiting.Mouth tastes bitter.Respiratory problemsare accompanied byfrequent coughing.Muscular contractions result in pain.The person also experiences pain as well asinflammation in the chest.Gastro-oesophageal acid refluxis another outcome.Earaches are minor symptoms.

Preventions of AcidityEat healthyChange your eating pattern Eat slowlyAvoid sleeping with a full stomachStay fit Increase water intakeAvoid tea, coffeeLimit alcohol intakeQuit smokingChange your sleeping posture

Diagnosis of AcidityEndoscopy - camera imagingBiopsy - taking a tissue sample for laboratory analysisBarium X-ray - imaging the esophagus, stomach, and upper duodenum after swallowing a chalky liquid that helps provide contrast on imagesEsophageal manometry - pressure measurement of the esophagusImpedance monitoring - measuring rate of fluid movement along the esophaguspH monitoring - acidity testing

Treatment of AcidityIf you experience any of the above symptoms, mainly a burning sensation in the chest, or pain in the upper abdomen, you should visit agastroenterologistimmediately before the matter gets worse. There are several stomach acidity cures available in the market as well as in your home. Let us take a look at the various home remedies, as natural remedies are always better than the drugs and antacids that you get in the market.

Home Treatment of AcidityBananas and pineapple juice are good for getting rid of heartburn and acid indigestion.Coconut water, yogurt, and cucumbers are also good for treating this condition.Consumption of basil leaves also helps.Taking two teaspoons of honey along with natural cider vinegar, just before meal, helps treating an acidic stomach.Mont juice or oil are some of the best homemade remedies.Jaggery dissolved in a glass of cold milk gives instant relief from acidity.Proper exercises, daily walks, and following ahealthy dietare factors which prevent this condition altogether.

Risk Factors of AcidityConditions that can increase your risk of Acidity include:

ObesityBulging of top of stomach up into the diaphragm (hiatal hernia)PregnancySmokingDry mouthAsthmaDiabetesDelayed stomach emptyingConnective tissue disorders, such as scleroderma

Complications of AcidityNarrowing of the esophagus (esophageal stricture)An open sore in the esophagus (esophageal ulcer)Precancerous changes to the esophagus (Barrett's esophagus).

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