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  • Accountants (CPAs) Corning-Painted Post West High School Martha Marks
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  • Outlook It is estimated by 2007, 86,299 Accountants will be employed in NYS which is an increase of.87% each year. During 1997, approximately 79,338 Accountants were employed in NYS.
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  • What Does An Accountant do? balancing the books, tracking expenses and revenue, executing payroll, and paying the bills of the company taking care of the day-to-day operations of bookkeeping being called on to offer advice and even make business decisions based on facts rather than on speculation The jobs vary from company to company and from job to job but some typical tasks would include:
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  • Accountants Today The Accounting profession has faced many challenges the last few years. Several accounting scandals have grabbed the attention of the nation.
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  • Despite these few scandals, CPAs today are viewed: as leaders as people on the cutting edge of business and industry as people with private practices that matter as people who are close to the heart of the action. Todays Accountants
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  • Accounting Trends Some Accounting Firms are moving to more flexible work arrangements to help meet various business needs, such as reduction of absenteeism and the reduction of labor costs. Some typical types of arrangements: Flextime Flexplace (telecommuting) Job sharing Leaves and sabbaticals Regular part-time Compressed work weeks
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  • Fields of Accounting There are four major fields of accounting: 1)Public Accounting 2)Government Accounting 3)Management Accounting 4)Internal Accounting
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  • Career Tracks There are many career paths for Accounting. As a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) you could work in: Public Practice Business/Industry Government Non-Profit Education Private Practice
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  • Pay for Accountants In 2003, college graduates in Accounting started out averaging $40,647 a year. In NYS in 2003, the annual wage range was between: $41,309 - $71,608
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  • Tips on Getting Hired Here are just a few tips to keep in mind before an interview: Review your resume before your interview Research the company before your interview know about the company and the name of the person with whom you are meeting Know exactly the site of the interview make sure you know how long it takes you to get there
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  • National Major Players The Big Four Accounting Firms Click on each graphic to take you to their webpage for more information
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  • Why Some Accountants Love Their Jobs Its flexible Its challenging There are many different areas to choose from You get to use people skills Its very analytical
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  • Why Some Accountants Dislike Their Jobs Certain times of the year can be VERY busy (tax time) Some jobs can be monotonous Some positions do not have much people contact
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  • Specific High School Courses Accounting I/II/III Mathematics Computers Economics Business Law Communication/Marketing
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  • Employers Who Will Hire High School Students Local Accounting Firms Retail/Grocery Stores (Wegmans, WalMart) Financial Planners Payroll Departments
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  • Local Two-Year Colleges Click on each graphic to take you to their webpage for more information
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  • Four-Year Colleges Click on each graphic to take you to their webpage for more information
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  • Local Employers Who Would Hire Accountants Corning Incorporated Dresser-Rand Wegmans Banks Chemung Canal, Steuben Educators (ServU), Corning Credit Union Harding Associates Sciarabba Walker & Co.
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  • Accountants Accounting is a great profession to get into. If this career interests you, please visit Mrs. Marks in Room 810. Good luck with your future. Remember everything is out there for the taking!!!! Choose wisely!