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  • Pgina 1Keycode Constants - Access -

    18/03/14 16:40:14

    The following constants can be used anywhere in your code in place of the

    actual values:

    Constant Value Description

    vbKeyLButtonvbKeyLButtonvbKeyLButtonvbKeyLButton 0x1 Left mouse button

    vbKeyRButtonvbKeyRButtonvbKeyRButtonvbKeyRButton 0x2 Right mouse button

    vbKeyCancelvbKeyCancelvbKeyCancelvbKeyCancel 0x3 CANCEL key

    vbKeyMButtonvbKeyMButtonvbKeyMButtonvbKeyMButton 0x4 Middle mouse button

    vbKeyBackvbKeyBackvbKeyBackvbKeyBack 0x8 BACKSPACE key

    vbKeyTabvbKeyTabvbKeyTabvbKeyTab 0x9 TAB key

    vbKeyClearvbKeyClearvbKeyClearvbKeyClear 0xC CLEAR key

    vbKeyReturnvbKeyReturnvbKeyReturnvbKeyReturn 0xD ENTER key

    vbKeyShiftvbKeyShiftvbKeyShiftvbKeyShift 0x10 SHIFT key

    vbKeyControlvbKeyControlvbKeyControlvbKeyControl 0x11 CTRL key

    vbKeyMenuvbKeyMenuvbKeyMenuvbKeyMenu 0x12 MENU key

    vbKeyPausevbKeyPausevbKeyPausevbKeyPause 0x13 PAUSE key

    vbKeyCapitalvbKeyCapitalvbKeyCapitalvbKeyCapital 0x14 CAPS LOCK key

    vbKeyEscapevbKeyEscapevbKeyEscapevbKeyEscape 0x1B ESC key

    vbKeySpacevbKeySpacevbKeySpacevbKeySpace 0x20 SPACEBAR key

    vbKeyPageUpvbKeyPageUpvbKeyPageUpvbKeyPageUp 0x21 PAGE UP key

    vbKeyPageDownvbKeyPageDownvbKeyPageDownvbKeyPageDown 0x22 PAGE DOWN key

    vbKeyEndvbKeyEndvbKeyEndvbKeyEnd 0x23 END key

    vbKeyHomevbKeyHomevbKeyHomevbKeyHome 0x24 HOME key

    vbKeyLeftvbKeyLeftvbKeyLeftvbKeyLeft 0x25 LEFT ARROW key

    vbKeyUpvbKeyUpvbKeyUpvbKeyUp 0x26 UP ARROW key

    vbKeyRightvbKeyRightvbKeyRightvbKeyRight 0x27 RIGHT ARROW key

    vbKeyDownvbKeyDownvbKeyDownvbKeyDown 0x28 DOWN ARROW key

    vbKeySelectvbKeySelectvbKeySelectvbKeySelect 0x29 SELECT key

    vbKeyPrintvbKeyPrintvbKeyPrintvbKeyPrint 0x2A PRINT SCREEN key

    vbKeyExecutevbKeyExecutevbKeyExecutevbKeyExecute 0x2B EXECUTE key

    vbKeySnapshotvbKeySnapshotvbKeySnapshotvbKeySnapshot 0x2C SNAPSHOT key

    vbKeyInsertvbKeyInsertvbKeyInsertvbKeyInsert 0x2D INSERT key

    vbKeyDeletevbKeyDeletevbKeyDeletevbKeyDelete 0x2E DELETE key

    vbKeyHelpvbKeyHelpvbKeyHelpvbKeyHelp 0x2F HELP key

    vbKeyNumlockvbKeyNumlockvbKeyNumlockvbKeyNumlock 0x90 NUM LOCK key

    The A key through the Z key are the same as the ASCII equivalents A Z:

    Constant Value Description

    vbKeyAvbKeyAvbKeyAvbKeyA 65 A key

    vbKeyBvbKeyBvbKeyBvbKeyB 66 B key

    vbKeyCvbKeyCvbKeyCvbKeyC 67 C key

    vbKeyDvbKeyDvbKeyDvbKeyD 68 D key

    vbKeyEvbKeyEvbKeyEvbKeyE 69 E key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF 70 F key

    vbKeyGvbKeyGvbKeyGvbKeyG 71 G key

    vbKeyHvbKeyHvbKeyHvbKeyH 72 H key

    vbKeyIvbKeyIvbKeyIvbKeyI 73 I key

    vbKeyJvbKeyJvbKeyJvbKeyJ 74 J key

    vbKeyKvbKeyKvbKeyKvbKeyK 75 K key

    vbKeyLvbKeyLvbKeyLvbKeyL 76 L key

    vbKeyMvbKeyMvbKeyMvbKeyM 77 M key

    vbKeyNvbKeyNvbKeyNvbKeyN 78 N key

    vbKeyOvbKeyOvbKeyOvbKeyO 79 O key

    Keycode Constants

  • Pgina 2Keycode Constants - Access -

    18/03/14 16:40:14

    vbKeyPvbKeyPvbKeyPvbKeyP 80 P key

    vbKeyQvbKeyQvbKeyQvbKeyQ 81 Q key

    vbKeyRvbKeyRvbKeyRvbKeyR 82 R key

    vbKeySvbKeySvbKeySvbKeyS 83 S key

    vbKeyTvbKeyTvbKeyTvbKeyT 84 T key

    vbKeyUvbKeyUvbKeyUvbKeyU 85 U key

    vbKeyVvbKeyVvbKeyVvbKeyV 86 V key

    vbKeyWvbKeyWvbKeyWvbKeyW 87 W key

    vbKeyXvbKeyXvbKeyXvbKeyX 88 X key

    vbKeyYvbKeyYvbKeyYvbKeyY 89 Y key

    vbKeyZvbKeyZvbKeyZvbKeyZ 90 Z key

    The 0 key through 9 key are the same as their ASCII equivalents 0 9:

    Constant Value Description

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey0000 48 0 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey1111 49 1 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey2222 50 2 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey3333 51 3 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey4444 52 4 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey5555 53 5 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey6666 54 6 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey7777 55 7 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey8888 56 8 key

    vbKeyvbKeyvbKeyvbKey9999 57 9 key

    The following constants represent keys on the numeric keypad:

    Constant Value Description

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad0000 0x60 0 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad1111 0x61 1 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad2222 0x62 2 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad3333 0x63 3 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad4444 0x64 4 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad5555 0x65 5 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad6666 0x66 6 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad7777 0x67 7 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad8888 0x68 8 key

    vbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpadvbKeyNumpad9999 0x69 9 key

    vbKeyMultiplyvbKeyMultiplyvbKeyMultiplyvbKeyMultiply 0x6A MULTIPLICATION SIGN (****) key

    vbKeyAddvbKeyAddvbKeyAddvbKeyAdd 0x6B PLUS SIGN (++++) key

    vbKeySeparatorvbKeySeparatorvbKeySeparatorvbKeySeparator 0x6C ENTER key

    vbKeySubtractvbKeySubtractvbKeySubtractvbKeySubtract 0x6D MINUS SIGN () key

    vbKeyDecimalvbKeyDecimalvbKeyDecimalvbKeyDecimal 0x6E DECIMAL POINT (....) key

    vbKeyDividevbKeyDividevbKeyDividevbKeyDivide 0x6F DIVISION SIGN (////) key

    The following constants represent function keys:

    Constant Value Description

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF1111 0x70 F1 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF2222 0x71 F2 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF3333 0x72 F3 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF4444 0x73 F4 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF5555 0x74 F5 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF6666 0x75 F6 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF7777 0x76 F7 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF8888 0x77 F8 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF9999 0x78 F9 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF10101010 0x79 F10 key

  • Pgina 3Keycode Constants - Access -

    18/03/14 16:40:14

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF11111111 0x7A F11 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF12121212 0x7B F12 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF13131313 0x7C F13 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF14141414 0x7D F14 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF15151515 0x7E F15 key

    vbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyFvbKeyF16161616 0x7F F16 key

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