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2. ContentsForeword 2Introduction 3Technology Trends Context-based services 4 Converging data architectures10 Industrialized data services 16 Social-driven IT 23 PaaS-enabled agility 29 Orchestrated analytical security 36Implications The CEOs agenda 43 ITs agenda45Research methodology 48End notes49Contacts 50 3. ForewordAccenture Technology Vision 2012We bring the Accenture Technology Vision 2012 to you at atime of unprecedented change in the global economy and thetechnology landscape. Our clients tell us that technology ismore important than ever to their business success. Some ofthem sense that the world is on the verge of a new technologyrevolution. We agree.This next revolution will differ from previousIt is time to focus on technology as a driver fordisruptions. This time, technology is present growth and take the bold decisions to movein every aspect of our lives. The lines between beyond ITs legacy constraintsconstraintsconsumer and corporate technology continue to that make it too difficult to change, tooblur. On-premise and off-premise technology are costly to pursue new opportunities.melding to drive much quicker processingandThe coming transformation journeychangingPierre NantermeKevin Campbellfaster and better business results. The flexibilityIT from roadblock to driverwont be easy. It Chief Executive OfficerGroup Chief Executive - Technologyof new technologies and architectures is forcingwill call for a comprehensive strategy that leads AccentureAccentureus all to rethink how we harness IT to makeit easier for our organizations to new architectures, new services, and newplatforms. And it will demand prompt, disciplinedThe Accenture Technology Vision 2012 is execution to bring those new approaches to life.designed to help you identify these changestomake sense of the disruptions. But this yearsThe technology that you use will be radicallyreport challenges companies to go a stepdifferent three years from now. Stand still andbeyond understandingto start taking risk being left behind. Act now and you willWe urge you to plan thoughtful, appropriate be poised for continued growth in the future.responses and seize new opportunities.2 4. IntroductionAccenture Technology Vision 2012Responding to whats aheadSome drivers have an advantage over otherCIOs are feeling the pressure of a bevy Increasingly, business leaders find that their Doing so means starting this journey togethermotorists: they can see around corners of technology forcesforces like theorganizations success relies on keeping pacewith the business. It demands detailedat night. With adaptive headlights in theirsuperabundance of computing power with rapidly shifting technology. Companiesdiscussions with the rest of the C-suite. It willcarslamps that swivel a few degrees whenand capacity and the soaring technology must be prepared to recognize and take call for CIOs to internalize these trends sothey detect that the car is turningtheseexpectations of consumers, employees, and advantage of new opportunities enabled bythey can start framing these discussionsnotdrivers can spot the deer in the road aeven CEOs. Discussions on the impact of cloud new trends, like context-based services or talking about the technologies themselvesfew milliseconds before the rest of us.computing and mobility have become routine. social technologies. But the new moves willbut about the impact they will have on the IT organizations are just beginning to wrap their come at a price. To change with the worldbusiness, and the new initiatives they can drive.To take prompt action, every CIO requires theminds around Big Data. Theyre pushing to weave quickly and cost-effectively, there must be ainformation equivalent of adaptive headlights analytics deeper into the organization. And new IT basenew architectures, new services, Some of you are already leading thosethe ability to identify relevant trends before some are asking themselves what to make of thenew platforms. And with a new IT base come conversations with your business colleaguesothers do. Indeed, they and their business perennial discussion of the Internet of Things. new risks and new precautions, so informationand with your IT staff. For those who arent,colleagues need the clearest possible guidance security has to become a top agenda item.are you ready?about changes in information technologies. Yet even as CIOs begin to react, the list ofWith the right guidance, they can effectivelychange-making technologies continues to IT leaders must take action now. They must belead their organizations as they adapt togrow. Recognizing that forces such as the cloud the ones who lead their enterprises throughthe rapidly changing world we live in. are just the starting point, Accentures annual this turbulent new world. Inside 100 days Technology Vision provides our perspectiveof reading this report, they should have on the future of technology beyond thebegun to map out their strategies to leverage conversations already on the table. This years these trends over the long haul. Within 12 reportTechnology Vision 2012outlines themonths, they should be starting to execute new technology trends that forward-thinking these plans to put their enterprises on the CIOs will use to position their organizations path to new organizations, new processes, to drive growth, rather than focusing onnew systemseven a new frame of mind. cost-cutting and efficiency improvements.3 5. Context-based servicesContextwhere you are and what youre doingwill drive the next wave of digital services4 6. Trend 1 - Context-based services Accenture Technology Vision 2012 7. Trend 1 - Context-based services Accenture Technology Vision 2012Forget about the much-discussed Internet of Things. The reallyinteresting news is that data from a host of new sources,combined with technologies that rapidly aggregate and analyzethe data, will deliver fresh insights that can give users much moreimmersive and valuable experiences onlineand in the real world.Services that alert you to the nearest Starbucks mile radius or what route to walk from thismeet the renter at the scene, greatly improvingor gas station just arent enough for users thesesubway stop to that unfamiliar office building.the chances of creating a loyal customer for life).days. Those services dont know you; they Today, we have ready access to enough historical CIOs and other IT leaders who get itwhodont know what youre trying to do right now. and real-time data and we know enough aboutgrasp the importance of context-basedWhat can still attract users? Services thatwhat is happening in enough places to be able to connectionswill be able to establishcombine real-time signals from the physicaloffer services that are enabling and entertaining. themselves, and their organizations, as strategicworld with location data, online activities, socialMore data, by itself, isnt enoughtechnologyplayers. They will immediately be able to offermedia, and many other types of contextualnow enables rapid aggregation of data from new levels of insight that will differentiateinputs. It might be support for a pharmaceutical multiple sources and delivers new insights their organizations from competitors.sales rep tailored to the context of the doctors that can give users much more immersive andshe will be meeting and the drugs shes selling. Itvaluable experiences. The keybeyond the What context-based services arentcould be data made available to a technician atproliferation of data and the ability to analyzeIts important to deflect any misconceptionsan oil refinery, customized to the equipment hesit every which wayis to ensure that contextabout context-based data services. To beginservicing and what its downtime history looksenables the services that make sense rightwith, they are not about really cool mobilelike. Or it might be a shopping app that gives a at the point where an action takes place. Inphone handsetsregardless of how much theircustomer fast access to more information about effect, context allows organizations to shiftnew apps may impress. Although devices such asa new jacket whose quick response (QR) codetheir focus from insight (for example, businessmobiles are indeed essential vehicles for some ofshes scanned in the store; tells her how far shetravelers place a premium on the ease andthose services, that is all they are. Mobility is justis from stores that carry other sizes of the jacket; speed of interaction when choosing rental carone of many factors that help to convey context.alerts her to her available credit balance; andcompanies) to actionable insight (streamlininggets instant opinions, via Facebook, from herthe car rental process allows frequent renters Nor are context-based services all about thefriends about whether they like the jacket or not. to avoid lines, thus increasing customer loyalty)cloud. Its true that connected devicesmobile to insight at the point of action (for instance, and otherwisewill exchange data with cloud-The new high ground for data services is not in the rental company automatically detects whenbased service providers, but the cloud is nothinglocation-based apps. It is in a kaleidoscope of an accident with one of its cars has happened, more than a logical data-aggregation point.context that adds up to rich user experiences proactively initiates emergency services ifSimilarly, context-based is not synonymousfar more alluring than simple indications of needed, and issues a replacement rental car to with location-based. The importance of beinghow many friends are inside the same one-6 8. Trend 1 - Context-based servicesAccenture Technology Vision 2012able to integrate data from the physical worldbeyond locationinputs from QR codes are onlyThe next few years are likely to see an expansionin the volumes and types of sensors availablethe retailer and the original producer but forothers in the shoppers social n