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  • Tr a i n i n g M o d u l e


  • Tra i n i n g Co u r s e D e s c r i p t i o n

    “ I n e ve r te a c h my p u p i l s ; I o n l y at te m p t to p rov i d e t h e co n d i t i o n s

    i n w h i c h t h e y c a n l e a r n .”

    A l b e r t E i n s te i n

    Training Module - Accent neutralization

    Acce nt N e u t ra l i z at i o n - 2 2 h r s

    Acce nt Tra i n i n g Co u r s e O u t l i n e :

    Accent Training Program from Let's Talk Academy is designed for both people who speak English as a second language, and for native English speakers who wish to learn a di�erent English accent. The program is clear and simple with frequent practice to learning a new accent. It is very convenient, there is no complex software or elaborate theory, you can practice what you learn in the class - at home, in the car, on the train or bus, even if you have limited time you can practice your new accent. With daily practice we guarantee that you will improve your speaking skills with correct accent.

    Module 01 Rhythm and Intonation in English

    Module 02 Clear Speech and Pronunciation in English

    Module 03 Consonant Sounds : p,b,t,d,k,g,f,v,th,s,z,sh,zh,ch,j,m,n,ng,w,,h,I,r,y, Practicing the Consonant sounds) Mouth movement and Jaw movement

    Module 04 American Vowels a,o,i,e,u,ee,er,ar,or,oo,oe,ie,oy,ow,ay


  • Training is Unlocking Talent Training Module- Accent neutralization

    Module 05 Vocabulary & Sentence Practice for working with stress.

    Module 06 Dialogues for working with pronunciation

    Module 07 Stress patterns and Intonation

    Speak More Clearly With A Neutral Accent

    Pricing & Terms

    Duration : 22 hrs / daily 1 hr ( Mon-Fri) Mode : Online

    Pricing: USD 285 + Service Tax Payment shall be made in advance by the participant. Assesment , Certi�cation and Evaluation of the candidates as per Company policies after the completion of the course. Payments to be issued in the favor of ‘‘Let’s Talk Academy’’ Study material will be provided to the candidate on email .