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  • College of Engineering 1

    COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGEngineering Bldg. (192), Room 301Phone: 805.756.2131

    Interim Dean: James MeagherInterim Associate Dean: Lizabeth SchlemerAssociate Dean: Rakesh K. Goel

    Academic ProgramsProgram name Program typeAerospace Engineering BS*, MSBiomedical Engineering BS, MS,

    SpecializationCivil and Environmental Engineering MSCivil Engineering BS*Computer Engineering BS*Computer Science BS**, MS, MinorComputing for Interactive Arts MinorElectrical Engineering BS*, MSEngineering MSEnvironmental Engineering BS*Fire Protection Engineering MSGeneral Engineering BSIndustrial Engineering BS*, MSManufacturing Engineering BS*Materials Engineering BS*Mechanical Engineering BS*, MSMultidisciplinary Design MinorSoftware Engineering BS*

    Joint ProgramsProgram name Program typeCross Disciplinary Studies Minor in Data Science MinorEngineering Management MBA/MSEnvironmental Studies MinorLiberal Arts & Engineering Studies BATransportation Planning MCRP/MS

    Graduate Certificate ProgramsProgram name Program typeFire Protection Engineering Applications CertificateFire Protection Engineering Science Certificate

    * Engineering programs accredited by the Engineering AccreditationCommission of ABET,

    ** BS Computer Science program accredited by the ComputingAccreditation Commission of ABET,

    Engineering and computer science programs at Cal Poly are stronglyoriented toward preparing graduates for immediate entry intoprofessional practice. Students declare their majors when they enter asfreshmen, and they generally take at least one course in that major eachquarter. This early introduction better motivates and prepares studentsto master the foundational mathematics, basic science, and engineering

    science or computer science central to success in all the engineeringdisciplines.

    The undergraduate bachelors of science engineering disciplines listedabove provide the education needed for entry to the engineeringprofession and for continued academic work toward advanced degrees.Many of our graduates enter graduate programs at Cal Poly or otherinstitutions. Cal Poly engineering and computer science graduates arehighly desired by industry and find a variety of professional opportunitiesawaiting them, such as engineering design, computer hardware andsoftware engineering, test and evaluation, systems analysis, modelingand simulation, manufacturing, applied research, development, sales andfield engineering. Graduates pursue careers in a broad cross-section ofindustry, government agencies, public utilities, marketing groups, andeducational institutions.

    The College of Engineering is an internationally-recognized, premierundergraduate engineering college. Its mission is to provide an excellentLearn by Doing education and to graduate in-demand, Day One-readyprofessionals. The College vision is to transform students into worldclass, innovative and collaborative engineers to meet the challenges ofthe 21st century.

    State-of-the-art facilities and laboratories form the core of Engineeringsproject-centered curriculum. Ranging from the Aircraft Design Lab to theRotor Dynamics Laboratory, these facilities offer advanced technologicalsystems that allow students to link theory with practice.College buildingsalso promote interdisciplinary project activities, including the AdvancedTechnology Laboratories, Bonderson Projects Center, and Engineering IV.With 19,000 square feet of space for individual and team-based projects,the Bonderson Center offers enriched opportunities for multidisciplinaryprojects and collaboration with industry.Engineering IV, a104,000-square-foot building includes modern classrooms and laboratories foraerospace, mechanical, civil, environmental, industrial and manufacturingengineering programs.

    Engineering Student ServicesEngineering South (40), Room 111Phone: 805.756.1461Director: Kim Marsalek

    Engineering Student Services coordinates and provides support to fosterretention and graduation. Through our Advising, Multicultural Engineering(MEP), International Exchange (IEP) and Tutoring Programs our staffprovides individual and group advising sessions, workshops, andprograms to guide and empower students through their undergraduateexperience.

    Advising CenterEngineering South (40), Room 111Phone: 805.756.1461

    Senior Academic Advisor: Dawn SiroisAcademic Advisor: Ashlee BurtAcademic Advisor: Greg RoldanAcademic Advisor: Jamey StametsAcademic Advisor: Maria Zavala

    The Advising Program within Engineering Student Services isdedicated to providing effective and comprehensive support to currentundergraduate engineering students. Through individual and groupadvising sessions, workshops, programs, and technology, the staff helps

  • 2 College of Engineering

    students understand university and college policies and procedures, suchas, change of major, academic probation, and readmission. Advisingsacademic services promote student success and development whileassisting students in navigating and interpreting the curricula to reachtheir academic goals.

    Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP)

    Engineering South (40), Room 115Phone: 805.756.1433

    Coordinator: Jackie DuerrMEP Advisor: Meghan Palasweski

    The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) within Engineering StudentServices is an academic support program designed to recruit, retainand graduate a diverse population of students, especially groups whichcontinue to remain the most underrepresented in engineering. Thisincludes but is not limited to aspiring College of Engineering studentswho are first in their family to earn a baccalaureate degree, or fromfamily backgrounds of limited financial resources and less educationalopportunities. MEP leverages a strong support network to build anacademic community and provide the necessary bridges for studentsacademic and professional success.

    International Exchange Program (IEP)

    Engineering South (40), Room 111Phone: 805.756.1461

    IEP Advisor: Maria Zavala

    The College of Engineering has established exchange agreements withreputable engineering overseas universities. These exchange programdiffer from other study abroad programs, in that they offer studentsthe opportunity to attend overseas universities with an engineeringfocus, while paying Cal Poly tuition. The partner universities have beenspecifically selected by the College for their innovative technology andengineering coursework. Most of our partner universities guaranteeon-campus housing and offer courses in English, making it easier forour students to take coursework to meet their degree requirements.Participation brings many lasting benefits that enhance students'educational, personal and professional life. Students typically returnwith improved communication skills, a better understanding of othercultures, a global engineering perspective, and a more marketable resumefor industry. The current list of partner universities is located at:

    Tutoring Program

    Engineering South (40), Room 113Engineering Bldg. (192), Room 133Phone: 805.756.1461

    Engineering Student Services offers tutoring in two different locations.The Engineering Student Services lab (Building 40 Room 113) offersassistance in engineering, math and science courses. The EngineeringMechanics Success Center (Building 192 Room 133) offers assistance instatics, dynamics, strength of materials and thermodynamics. The tutorsare trained to assist students in material based on each students unique

    learning style to help the student excel on their own. The current tutoringschedule is located at:

    Womens Engineering Program (WEP)Engineering South (13), Room 216Phone: 805.756.2350

    Director: Helene FingerThe mission of the Womens Engineering Program (WEP) is to recruit andretain women engineering and computer science students by focusingon outreach, on-campus support and professional preparation objectives.To meet these objectives, WEP works closely with the Society of WomenEngineers (SWE) Cal Poly student section, one of the top student sectionsin the nation, in supporting a variety of programs directed at pre-college,undergraduate and graduate students.

    Outreach activities are directed at students from kindergarten throughcommunity college. These programs are designed to encourage pre-university women and girls to consider engineering as a career choice.Outreach recruitment activities include:Building an Engineer workshops,High School Shadow an Engineering Student day,Girl Scout EngineeringBadge day, robotics competitions,elementary school workshops, andcareer fairs.

    The Womens Engineering Program provides on-campus support toCal Poly women engineering students through a variety of academic,leadership and social activities. These activities help students connectto their peers while concurrently assisting them in achieving theireducational goals.

    On-campus support activities include: scholarships, academic counselingand referrals, pre-registration counseling, big sibling program, testfiles,SWE meetings, social events, and community service activities.

    Professional preparation activities are designed to prepare studentsfor a productive career by facilitating networking with professionalsand corporations. Professional preparation activities include:EveningWith Industry banquet, Team Tech national design competition, IndustryTours, Resume Book, bi-weekly industry presentations and corporateinformation sessions.

    Graduate ProgramsMS EngineeringGeneral CharacteristicsThe Master of Science degree program in Engineeri


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