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    Advising and Registration Information for Fall 2016


    The Academic Advising Center Were here for YOU.

  • Graduation Degree Requirements

    General Education (range 39-45 credits) Major (range 36 114) Minimum Credits for Graduation (120) Writing Intensive Course Upper Division Credits (45) Liberal Arts Credits (BA-90, BS-60, BFA-30)

    courses can count toward multiple categories

  • General Education Requirements

    General Education 3 overview

    Arts & Humanities Scientific Investigations

    The United States and Its Traditions

    Global Perspectives

    English Compositiono two courses

    Humanities(HUM)o one course

    Arts(ART)o one course

    Mathematics(MATH)o one course,

    Natural Sciences(NSCI)o two courses

    Social Sciences(SSCI)o one course)

    United States Studies(USST)o one course

    Western Civilization(WEST)o one course

    Diversity(DIVR)o one course

    World Civilizations & Cultures (WRLD)o one course

    Foreign Language(FLNG)o one or two


    12 Creditsminimum

    12 Creditsminimum

    9 Credits minimum

    6-9 Creditsminimum

    Petition non-SUNY courses to count for GE in the Academic Advising Center

    Let your advisor know if you have completed an AA or AS degree from a SUNY institution! Your GE is met.

  • Assume Responsibility

    It is your responsibility to complete all graduation requirements and to understand college policies

    Follow up with advisors to make sure your Progress Report accurately reflects your courses

    Know the deadline dates each semester (Academic Calendar)

    Check your New Paltz email regularly for reminders, registration information, and updates from Academic Advising


    Articulated (equivalency) courses come in matching a New Paltz course.

    Non-articulated courses need evaluation and currently appear as electives.

    Find transfer course equivalencies on the Transfer Admissions and theAcademic Advising websites.

  • GE Transfer Waivers

    IF YOU HAVE AN ASSOCIATES DEGREE (an A.A. or an A.S.) from a SUNY institution, your GE requirements are met by degree.

    Make sure you get your final transcript from your community college, showing that your associates degree is completed.

    You may be waived from some of the New Paltz GE requirements based on:

    an appropriate associates degree OR the number of transfer credits you bring in.

  • Transfer Course Equivalencies

    Articulated courses automatically come in as their New Paltz equivalents.


    Dutchess CC New Paltz GE categoryBHS204 Anthropology = ANT211 Cultural Anthropology = WORLDorld

    Non-articulated courses need evaluation They currently appear as electives on your progress report in the block entitled Accepted credits not applied to a major or GE requirement.

    Example: HIS 000, HIS 001 (lower division), HIS 003 (upper division)

  • GE Transfer Waivers

    45 credits = 1 waiver 60 credits = 2 waivers 75 credits = 3 waivers

    Transfer waivers based on credits are applicable ONLY to these GE Categories:Natural Science (one)DiversityForeign Language (one)

    if you are in an education program, state requirements are for two semesters of language at the elementary level or one at the intermediate level regardless of waiver).

    If you do not have a SUNY associates degree, you will be awarded waivers based on the number of credits you transfer in:

  • GPA - Academic Standing

    Only credits, not grades, transfer GPA starts fresh at New Paltz this critical first semester

    establishes your GPA 2.0 or better needed to be in good academic standing Some majors have a higher GPA requirement

    The Advising Handbook is located on the Academic Advising webpage:

  • Get Help Early Sign up for a Library Research Instruction workshop at the

    Sojourner Truth Library

    Seek additional help from professors visit office hours or make an appointment.

    Ask about departmental support tutors, TAs, math lab, etc.

    Get help in the Writing and Tutoring Center in Old Main Sign up for a writing tutor or just get help on one paper. Sign up for group tutoring for difficult courses

  • Guidelines for TAP, military and other NY grant recipients:

    Declare a major by 60 credits. Courses must match the major and degree plan for the semester funded.

    Must take at least 12 Credits. Repeated courses do not qualify unless the original grade was below

    the minimum acceptable for the major. All 12 credits must count in the GE, Major, Upper Division, WI, or

    Liberal Arts requirements. The 5th class may be a repeat course, an elective or a course toward a

    second major or minor.

    Registration funding rules DO NOT PERTAIN to Loan-based financial aid.

  • New Paltz takes Academic Standing and Plagiarism Seriously

    We uphold high standards of academic integrity. You may not pass off the words, ideas, knowledge or creative endeavors of others as your own.

    It is your responsibility to access, read and adhere to the published statements regarding academic integrity and plagiarism

    Academic integrity violations are referred for disciplinary action through the Student Code of Conduct. You could fail the course, be dismissed from your program or from the college.

    You will be required in to acknowledge that you understand this policy.

  • TAP and GRANT Recipients

    Students who receive NYS grants and scholarships have certain registration requirements. These awards include:

    TAP Veterans Tuition Awards NYS Regents Scholarships STEM Scholarships World Trade Center Scholarships Academic Excellence Awards

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