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<ul><li><p>ACADEMIC OVERVIEW</p><p>Advising and Registration Information for Fall 2016</p><p>TRANSFER STUDENTS</p><p>The Academic Advising Center Were here for YOU.</p></li><li><p>Graduation Degree Requirements </p><p> General Education (range 39-45 credits) Major (range 36 114) Minimum Credits for Graduation (120) Writing Intensive Course Upper Division Credits (45) Liberal Arts Credits (BA-90, BS-60, BFA-30)</p><p>courses can count toward multiple categories</p></li><li><p>General Education Requirements </p><p>General Education 3 overview</p><p>Arts &amp; Humanities Scientific Investigations</p><p>The United States and Its Traditions</p><p>Global Perspectives</p><p>English Compositiono two courses</p><p>Humanities(HUM)o one course</p><p>Arts(ART)o one course</p><p>Mathematics(MATH)o one course, </p><p>Natural Sciences(NSCI)o two courses</p><p>Social Sciences(SSCI)o one course)</p><p>United States Studies(USST)o one course</p><p>Western Civilization(WEST)o one course</p><p>Diversity(DIVR)o one course</p><p>World Civilizations &amp; Cultures (WRLD)o one course</p><p>Foreign Language(FLNG)o one or two </p><p>courses</p><p>12 Creditsminimum</p><p>12 Creditsminimum</p><p>9 Credits minimum</p><p>6-9 Creditsminimum</p><p>Petition non-SUNY courses to count for GE in the Academic Advising Center </p><p>Let your advisor know if you have completed an AA or AS degree from a SUNY institution! Your GE is met.</p></li><li><p>Assume Responsibility</p><p> It is your responsibility to complete all graduation requirements and to understand college policies</p><p> Follow up with advisors to make sure your Progress Report accurately reflects your courses </p><p> Know the deadline dates each semester (Academic Calendar)</p><p> Check your New Paltz email regularly for reminders, registration information, and updates from Academic Advising</p></li><li><p>COURSE TRANSFER INFORMATION</p><p> Articulated (equivalency) courses come in matching a New Paltz course. </p><p> Non-articulated courses need evaluation and currently appear as electives.</p><p>Find transfer course equivalencies on the Transfer Admissions and theAcademic Advising websites. </p></li><li><p>GE Transfer Waivers</p><p> IF YOU HAVE AN ASSOCIATES DEGREE (an A.A. or an A.S.) from a SUNY institution, your GE requirements are met by degree.</p><p>Make sure you get your final transcript from your community college, showing that your associates degree is completed.</p><p>You may be waived from some of the New Paltz GE requirements based on: </p><p> an appropriate associates degree OR the number of transfer credits you bring in.</p></li><li><p>Transfer Course Equivalencies </p><p> Articulated courses automatically come in as their New Paltz equivalents. </p><p>Example:</p><p>Dutchess CC New Paltz GE categoryBHS204 Anthropology = ANT211 Cultural Anthropology = WORLDorld</p><p> Non-articulated courses need evaluation They currently appear as electives on your progress report in the block entitled Accepted credits not applied to a major or GE requirement.</p><p>Example: HIS 000, HIS 001 (lower division), HIS 003 (upper division)</p></li><li><p>GE Transfer Waivers</p><p> 45 credits = 1 waiver 60 credits = 2 waivers 75 credits = 3 waivers </p><p>Transfer waivers based on credits are applicable ONLY to these GE Categories:Natural Science (one)DiversityForeign Language (one)</p><p>if you are in an education program, state requirements are for two semesters of language at the elementary level or one at the intermediate level regardless of waiver). </p><p>If you do not have a SUNY associates degree, you will be awarded waivers based on the number of credits you transfer in:</p></li><li><p>GPA - Academic Standing</p><p> Only credits, not grades, transfer GPA starts fresh at New Paltz this critical first semester </p><p>establishes your GPA 2.0 or better needed to be in good academic standing Some majors have a higher GPA requirement</p><p> The Advising Handbook is located on the Academic Advising webpage:</p><p></p></li><li><p>Get Help Early Sign up for a Library Research Instruction workshop at the </p><p>Sojourner Truth Library</p><p> Seek additional help from professors visit office hours or make an appointment.</p><p> Ask about departmental support tutors, TAs, math lab, etc.</p><p> Get help in the Writing and Tutoring Center in Old Main Sign up for a writing tutor or just get help on one paper. Sign up for group tutoring for difficult courses</p></li><li><p>Guidelines for TAP, military and other NY grant recipients:</p><p> Declare a major by 60 credits. Courses must match the major and degree plan for the semester funded. </p><p> Must take at least 12 Credits. Repeated courses do not qualify unless the original grade was below </p><p>the minimum acceptable for the major. All 12 credits must count in the GE, Major, Upper Division, WI, or </p><p>Liberal Arts requirements. The 5th class may be a repeat course, an elective or a course toward a </p><p>second major or minor.</p><p>Registration funding rules DO NOT PERTAIN to Loan-based financial aid.</p></li><li><p>New Paltz takes Academic Standing and Plagiarism Seriously</p><p> We uphold high standards of academic integrity. You may not pass off the words, ideas, knowledge or creative endeavors of others as your own. </p><p> It is your responsibility to access, read and adhere to the published statements regarding academic integrity and plagiarism</p><p> Academic integrity violations are referred for disciplinary action through the Student Code of Conduct. You could fail the course, be dismissed from your program or from the college.</p><p> You will be required in to acknowledge that you understand this policy.</p></li><li><p>TAP and GRANT Recipients</p><p> Students who receive NYS grants and scholarships have certain registration requirements. These awards include:</p><p> TAP Veterans Tuition Awards NYS Regents Scholarships STEM Scholarships World Trade Center Scholarships Academic Excellence Awards</p><p>ACADEMIC OVERVIEWSlide Number 2Slide Number 3Slide Number 4Slide Number 5Slide Number 6Slide Number 7Slide Number 8Slide Number 9Slide Number 10Slide Number 11Slide Number 12Slide Number 13</p></li></ul>


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