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  • Submitted Abstracts in Alphabetical OrderDCA European Conference 2016 | May 11 - 14, 206 | Istanbul, Turkey

    3-D urban design guidelines for competition contests

    A Holistic Approach To Interor Desgn Educaton: From Conceptual Framework To Fnal Product

    A peace of mind in the open office: Addressing the diverse needs with mobile acoustic partitions

    A Review of the Current Uses of Digital Design and Visualization Techniques by the Students of Arch. at Gazi University

    Across geography and culture: using Instagram for collaborative design education and community building

    Advances in Material Performance of Solid Wood: Loop, the Environmental Summer Pavilion II

    Aesthetic of natural light in Museums / Milwaukee Art Museum

    Altasweer and Elm Alrasm: an investigation in representation, visual acuity, and the nature of graphic communication in Islam

    An Experimental Approach to Architectural Studio I in AIBU 2014-15

    Analytical Model Studies: Evocative Contemporary Design Interpretations

    Architectural interventions in historic areas in Romania after December 1989

    Architectural Role Playing Game: Mies in Levent

    Architecture that Bows to the Artist: Muse Soulages

    Atlas: Deconstructing the digital mapping interface

    Autonomous Design Thinking: An Emergent Paradigm

    Benefitting Former Industrial Plants In Coastal Areas: A Reuse Suggeston For Paabahe Glass Factory

    Beyond Abstraction: Design Research as Augmenter and Catalyst to Non-Design Professions

    Bioclimatic strategies in vernacular building at the moderate climate; case study: the North of Iran

    Bridging the Gap between Photo Art and Abstract Art

    Building Stake-Holder Consensus and Support in the Preservation and Development of UNESCO Cultural

    Heritage Sites in Thailand: a case study

  • Challenges in Design Communication with Children: Experiencing Process by Practice

    Changing context of contextual design studio

    City as a Fashion Promenade

    Co-Desgn As A Strategic Move For Archtectural Desgn Practice

    Collage Now: Digital Collage and Augmented Reality

    Communication Beyond Studo Hours In Architecture Schools: Problems & Prospects Of Usng Facebook in A Developing Country

    Comparison Of Sustainable Settlement Models: Eco-City And Citta Slow Examples in Turkey

    Compositional Coincidence

    Contemporary tendencies in the Transylvanian Saxon Landscape

    Decline or Revival? Evaluation of Public Spaces by Space Typology

    Design Studio Pedagogy: A Search for Strategy

    Designing improved low cost toilets in Bangladesh: Generating fertilizer and implementing participatory approach

    Designing public space with[out] public participation? A study on Hatir Jheel, Dhaka

    Determination of the Architetural Language in The Context of Cultural Sustainability: The Case of Walled City Nicosia, Northern Cyprus

    Developments of energy efficient and flexible panels use in residential furniture application

    Dialogue for two Centuries between the Window and the Lens

    Digital Synthesis of Parametric Art

    Dissolution In Architecture: Rethinking Space In Terms Of The Digitally-Driven Structures In Movement

    Dynamics of todays small houses designs and households typologies.

    Ecological study on earth sheltered housing in different climates

    Education through Experimentation: Elucidating the Intersection between RIEA.ch and Design Thinking

    Energy Consumption and Future Directions (Passive Solar Energy)

    Ephemeral and temporal in the context of sustainability

    Evaluation Of The Energetic Efficiency Of Some Technical Passive Coolng In Tropical Weather. A Comparatve Study With The Southern Spanish Weather

    Examining Chinese Classical Feng Shui Principles in Contemporary Design Through Comparison with Green Design

    Exercises on the Operative Role of Scale in Design Thinking

    Experience the kinetic textile modules: A Research on interactive design process

  • Exploring spatial transformation through pedestrian dynamics

    Explorng The Lnks Between Bult Envronment And Socal Sustanablty Parameters

    Fold-Ups: Finding/Making/Representing the Links Between Architecture & Place

    Fredensreich Hundertwasser, A Visionary Of Ecologcal Desgn

    From Campus to Brand reading two campus buildings in Hong Kong

    Gaining and Loosing: Between pencils and mouse

    Graffiti Responses in Urban Spaces: The Significance of Inclusive Design Processes

    Graphic Elements on Urban Architecture: Shopping Mall Samples

    House For Every Age

    Images and Cultures: teaching history of architecture through the history of representation

    Impact Of Technology On Competency Of Desgner And Industral Desgn Educaton

    Inclusiveness in design by mixing discipline-specific media with crossover standard media.

    Inclusiveness in Robotic Urbanism: Rediscovering Urban Space through Interactive Data Driven Installations

    Inclusivity via Technology: Drawing by interactions, iterations, and interfaces

    Industrial Design As An Intangible Resource For Developing Countires

    Inquiring the ambiguity: a deliberate issue in communicate the interior space and the design object

    Integrating GIS with Space Syntax to investigate the centers and sub-centers in Alexandria city, Egypt.

    Integration of heritage in south Asian cities: Dhaka a case study

    Interaction between traditional and modern architecture

    Interdisciplinary Collaborative Project: A High Hurdles Race

    Investigation of Spatial Configuration in Houses of Shiraz, Iran (Comparison the traditional and modern houses)

    Learning to draw + drawing to learn

    Less Aesthetics, More Ethics. The function oblique from the promenade architecturale to inclusive architecture

    Lvng Wth Harmony: Desgn And Nature In The Bult Envronment Of Southwestern Chna

    Mapping & Cognition: Representational Logic as a Framework of Design Inference

    Mapping Atmosphere: Sketching the Ambient Qualities of Islamic Space

    Marietta High Schools Haiti Restoration and Reclamation Container Building Research Project

    Mitigating Urban Sprawl

  • Modrule: A Gamified Design Communication Platform

    Morphological Change in an Urban Square: What might have been missed? A Sample of Trabzon City

    Nature Of Desgnng

    New processes of architectural creation in contexts of complexity

    NGO and University Driven Research By Design on Performative Wood

    On The Basis Of Basc Desgn Studio

    Opposites Attract: Intersecting Perspectives, Disciplines, and Contexts for Inclusive Design

    Parametric Prototyping for Innovative Interior Surface Patterns

    Participatory Design Process Create Sustanable Built Environment: A Case Of Community Mosques in Dhaka City

    Pinning and pencils: How the use of Pinterest can lead to understanding of graphics style.

    Protection Of Hertage Through Policies And Strategies Of Area Conservaton: A Case Of Sonargaon, Bangladesh

    Public Space Furniture: Sitting Units in Shopping Malls Waiting/Resting Areas

    Random Addition To Historic Built Form May Lead To Threat To Architectural Heritage

    Ray 3: The Performative Wall

    Re-conceptualization of the Human-Machine Interaction in Responsive Environments

    Regional Cultural Interferences in Saxon Villages from Transylvania

    Representation and Ambiguity: reflecting on the role of purposely-incomplete and messy design communication methods.

    Safety Issues in Developing Nations: What Can be Done Now

    Senior Toursm In Algarve: A Way To Promote The Regeneraton Of The Territory And Of The Architectural Heritage

    Sequencing Architectural Moments: Narrative / Sketch / Model / Video

    Simulating Visibility and User Comfort in Small Public Spaces

    Simulation as an Avant-garde Form Exploration Tool

    Slower Consumption Over Technology And Connecton Of Product Longevity

    Spatial Derivatives and the Cinematic Field

    Sustainability, Informality and Spatial Capacity Building: the Lotus Park Neighbourhood Centre

    Sustainable Desgn Educaton / Desgn Issues And Developing Nations

    Sustainable Design: Mediator Between The Built and The Natural Environment, with Reflections on ANEC as a Participatory Agent in Design Issues

    Symbiosis of Drawing and Modeling

  • Symphony of Music in Architecture: Integrating music archetype in architectural design process.

    The city as educational environment

    The Generatve Methodology Of Natural Intellgence In Creatve Desgn Thnkng Process

    The Impact of CAAD Education & Attitude on How CAD Programmes are Used as a Means to Solve Design by Architecture And Architecture Technology Students

    The Influence Of Cad Tools On Desgners Creatvty: A Proposal For Measuring

    The matrix of values of the Saxon residential architecture

    The Museum Of Gamers: Using Gamfcaton For A Digital Heritage Project

    The New Roles Of Design In Changing New Product Devlopment Dynamics And Challenges

    The Path to Maturity: The Discipline of Communication Design

    Thinking of the requirements for online collaborative environment in academia

    Threat Mitigation through Design: Designing out threat in educational environment

    Towards Lveable Cty Centres: A Survey Study In Famagusta, North Cyprus

    Towards the Water Forts of Mughal Dhaka: a study based on Settlement Archeology, Historical Architecture & Cultural Heritage Management

    Transmissable identity values in Saxon Cultural Landscape of Transylvania

    Understanding Spatial Perception of Individuals with Autism using Augmented Reality Visualization

    Urban Community And The Built Environment: A Case of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    Urban living place as space of manipulating the residents mental state

    Using your hands for instant modeling.