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  • Creativity and Ingenuity

    At Nixcker we eat, breathe and live virtual creativity. Being different is what we achieve. Thinking different is what do and delivering exceptional ideas into the world wide web is what we live for. We have high expectations of ourselves with respect to creativity in order to join the builders of the virtual tomorrow.

    Human Friendly

    The internet serves everyone, everywhere. It serves people of all ages, all genders, now and in the future. At Nixcker we strive to deliver user friendly products. If it is not friendly - it will not be used and as such will not generate revenue: Therefore the products, applications and solutions that leave our virtual habitat have to comply with KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

    What makes us special

    We think big and we think small and in the projects we choose to create we cover it all. We know how to communicate with the young internet freeks just as with moderate and conservative internet users. At Nixcker we know how to aim high and low, how to handle the bit and byte and how to make it right. We are open minded and do our best to provide our customers and our partners with the best internet solutions.

    About us and about you

    It is not about us. It is about you. About what we can do together. We are a team of young and already experienced and some more mature with some experience as well. We are a mixed team, both young and mature, but with accumulative experiences. This diversity enables us to handle many fields of business and provide fresh views at existing businesses as well as new ideas. We have decided to build this internet "greenhouse" platform in order to enable people from the global village to have a place where they can create, build and eventually turn their innovations into a profit generating businesses.

    Our Vision

  • Our dream is to become a leading virtual greenhouse platform for all those who have ideas that will enhance the use of the internet by the average and below average user. We strongly believe that the internet is still in its early stages of development and evolvement. Our aim is to create the tools and solutions that the evolving internet will become.

    Our mission

    To make it happen, to deliver an idea into a web-based platform/application/solution and, in due, course either sell the technology or develop it into a full grown company. We assist young engineers and professionals who lack the private developing surrounding and support and provide them with a web-based platform on which they can build their dreams and make them work in the internet era.

    Mr. David Sugarman - A senior executive and internationally experienced businessman (20 years) with a strong technological and scientific background (B.Sc. From the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, M.Sc. from the University of cape Town, MBA from the Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology), Diploma in Software programming), actively involved in the fields of Technology, Energy & the Environment. In the past, David has built and managed 2 start-up companies: Isracall Ltd (with its associations in the USA Aerocall Inc), and M.D.Log Ltd (of the Pharm-Up group). David has also managed the EMEA Operations at Cellents Solutions Ltd (Four Group ltd), and its Business Development worldwide. David is currently involved in business development for various Israeli and foreign companies in Israel and elsewhere, due diligence of various types, experience includes business analysis and market research.

    Mr. Itai Cherry - Itai knows every square inch of the internet , and know exactly what are the needs of internet surfers nowadays. In the

  • meantime, Itai is busy expanding the horizons of the world`s global village by finding new ways and ideas for web based solutions. Since ever Itai realized that his main goal in life is to explore the "wild west" as ancient nomads soughed new frontiers far into the far space. Thinking conservative is not his way. Thinking out of the box, against the flow is his mode of operation. And he does so even when he sleeps. He just never stops.