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A company that excels in the distribution of shelving and furniture.


  • 1. The basics of businessNaturally, service companies and manufacturing firms require a great deal of equipment to besuccessful in their specific line of business. They could not work efficiently without shelvingand furniture, however, to help them organize their offices and workshops. A company that ex-celsin the distribution of these basics is Tecnotelai Srl from Castel Maggiore, Italy.Ever since Daniele Mazzolinifounded a company for the produc-tionof metal equipment tailoredto the individual requirements ofindustrial clients in 1967, Tecnotelaihas followed fundamental values:Italian quality of work and materials,a spirit of research and innovation,a service- and customer-orientedbusiness approach, and the profes-sionalismof employees and associ-ates.Today the company focuses onits core competence and selects anddistributes industrial and office fur-niture,focussing on metal systems.We offer everything required byindustry and commerce, adds Man-agingDirector Silvia Mazzolini, aqualified architect. We develop thesystems in accordance with custom-erswishes and requirements and or-ganizetheir production by exclusivemanufacturing partners.The focus on 100% Italian materialsand workmanship allows for com-pletequality control with a strongfocus on design. Tecnotelai offerseverything required to organize in-ternalprocesses in an efficient andtransparent manner, from shelves,cabinets and lockers to trolleys,transport racks and carts to high-risepallet storage systems. Office furni-tureand equipment complements theproduct range. We provide officeoutfitting solutions that are fully inline with our existing product portfo-lio,emphasizes Ms. Mazzolini. Asa result, we are able to offer our cli-entsall-encompassing solutions forthe administrative and manufactur-ingside, enabling them to cooperatewith just one competent distributor.Moreover, we are able to provideexpert consultation and advice,drawing on our extensive experiencein the development and adaptation ofworkshop outfitting.A family enterprise owned by theMazzolini family to this day, Tec-notelaiis well established in busi-nesswith its 15,000 m showroomsand works, 28 employees and annualSilvia Mazzolini, managingdirector of a future-orientedenterpriserevenues in the region of seven mil-lionEUR. The company cooperateswith retailers in the whole of Italyand is frequently approached by cus-tomerswho appreciate its excellentreputation. Our success is based onour honesty, transparency and totalfocus on customers, says Ms. Maz-zolini.The ready availability of ourproducts is another asset that hasgained us a prominent position inthe Italian domestic market and sup-portsour expanding export activi-ties.Focusing on Germany, Austria,Switzerland, France, Russia and theMiddle East, we aim to carry the ap-pealof Italian culture and design toother countries in Europe and furtherafield while maintaining our tradi-tionalvalues.EUROPEAN BUSINESSJOURNALTECNOTELAI SrlVia Bonazzi, 440013 Castel Maggiore (BO)ItalyPhone: +39 051 703720Fax: +39 051 703730info@tecnotelai.itwww.tecnotelai.itOffice outfitting featuring Italian flair: design by Tecnotelai12