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Dear CRM: where did the customers go? Bring the customer back into the relationship with suitecx. Stop using many different software tools to house your complete customer experience! suitecx is the glue that keeps your customer experience together.


1. Bring your customers into the relationship. 2. Customers feel less and less loyal to companies these days. 3. If their experience is bad, they will not hesitate to go to a competitor 4. They have more power than ever to voice their displeasure and have it be heard 5. Not getting your customer experience right could cost you millions 6. The money you spend on solutions isnt enough to bridge the gap if you dont have a customer-centric strategy 7. Your solutions are part of the problem! 8. There are gaps between Sales and Marketing 9. There are gaps between the tools used by these groups 10. Tools get implemented in silos, processes are inexible, and employees get frustrated. And the customer experience gets lost along the way 11. suitecx: the glue that binds the customer experience together 12. suitecx is comprised of four components 13. diagnosticcx: Understand where you are succeeding or failing in your employees and customers eyes 14. visualizecx: See what the customer experience looks like, and where all the data goes 15. precisioncx: Develop targeted marketing campaigns that nurture customers along the ideal journey 16. automatecx: Ensure the tools you have in place operate according to customer-centric principles 17. Save me money! Eliminate wasted communications and avoid repeating mistakes Save me time! Implement logical campaign work ows that give your customers the right message at the right time Save my customers! Improve your customer experience at all touch points and enhance customer retention 18. Bring your customers into the relationship. Contact us for a demo today suitecx.com / @custoholic


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