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Information about Gemini, the soon to be largest windfarm worldwide to be build 85 kilometers out of the Groningen coastline. Not to be seen from land. In the end we will produce clean renewable energy for over 785.000 households. And we will reduce up to kg carbon-dioxide.


  • 85 km
  • 85 February 2009: Permits granted, Typhoon Offshore starts development of Gemini in cooperation with BARD km 2009 154 m 2010 May 2010: SDE granted 130 m 2011 2012 December 2012: EIB board approval for EUR 500 million loan August 2013: Equity consortium complete Equity consortium publically announced upon providing EUR 40 million of bank guarantees to Dutch government Q2 2014: Start construction 2013 2014 April 2012: Siemens Wind Power appointed as preferred supplier 89 m January 2013: Negotiations with potential equity sponsors 220 m August 2011: Typhoon Offshore acquires full control of Gemini from BARD Start redesign and optimalisation of Gemini November 2013: Commercial bank launch Q1 2014: Financial close 24,6 m 18,6 m 2015 Q2 2015: Installation foundations and turbines 0,0m Q2 2016: First power to shore 2017 Q1 2017: Full power Commissioning commercial operations 27,5 - 37,5 m 2016
  • Official name Gemini Status Under development Area of windfarm 2 x 34 km2 Location North of the Dutch coast Country Netherlands Distance from shore 85 km Water depth 28 - 36 m Developer Gemini EPC/BOP Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects BV Construction Start estimated Q2 2014 Operator Northland Power Inc. Operation and maintenance WTG Siemens Wind Power Commission Year estimated Q1 2017 Total Capacity to be installed 600 MW Annual Estimated Production ~2,6 TWh/Year Transformer 2 Offshore substations Transformer 1 Onshore transformer station Infield Voltage Level 33 kV Export Voltage Level 220 kV Export Cable Length/Material 110 km /Copper Transmission Type HVAC Manufacturer turbine Siemens Model SWT4.0 - 130 Rated Power pr. Turbine 4.0 MW Number of Turbines 150 Rotor Diameter 130 m Rotor Area 13.300 m2 Rotor Speed (rated) 5013 rpm Hub Height (above average sea level) 88,5 m Blade Type B63 Blade Length 63 m
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