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  • Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee Annual Report 2008/2009

    Aberdeenshire Adult Protection


    Annual Report 2008/2009

  • Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee Annual Report 2008/2009

    Contents 1. Foreword 2. Aberdeenshire Profile 3. Adult Protection Committee

    Purpose Membership Action Plan Objectives and progress

    4. Grampian Police 5. NHS Grampian 6. Aberdeenshire Council 7. Adult Protection Activity 8. Training 9. Priorities for 2010/2011

  • Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee Annual Report 2008/2009

    Foreword As Independent Convener of Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee I welcome this first Annual Report. In late July 2009 I took on the role of Independent Convener and was greatly encouraged by the excellent work that had already been undertaken by the Lead Officer and other officials. The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 requires that each council establishes an Adult Protection Committee with representation from the council, as lead agency, the Health Service, the Police and the Care Commission with other representatives as deemed necessary. The Aberdeenshire Adult Support and Protection Committee is an effective group of senior managers from a range of agencies involved in the support and protection of adults at risk of harm. A key element of the Act is interagency co-operation and I am delighted to observe the close multi-agency work that is being undertaken; this is achieved in an ethos which reflects commitment to professional respect and integrity. There was a decision in Grampian that all three council areas would work together and this is mostly achieved through the Grampian Adult Protection Group, which is also an inter-professional committee. Working in this manner has been beneficial as it has facilitated pooling of resources, joint training and consistent standards. In this report you will read of interesting developments in the area, including the establishment of Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Network, the comprehensive training agenda and work that has been done to raise awareness. There is, however, no room for complacency and developments carry on apace. In order to ensure that our procedures and processes are effective we are establishing databases and are starting wide ranging audit and evaluation. A continuous cycle of improvement will be built on monitoring of practice and analysis of evidence. It is important to remember that the protection of at risk adults is everyones responsibility and that we must strive on behalf of those who may be vulnerable to ensure an excellent level of professional service.

  • Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee Annual Report 2008/2009

    2. Aberdeenshire Profile

    Aberdeenshire is the fourth largest local authority area in Scotland covering 2,500sq miles and by population it is Scotland's sixth largest, serving over 239,000 people. The area was recently rated as having the best quality of rural life in Scotland in a survey which rated levels of crime, life expectancy, earning power and school results.

    Over the last 35 years the population of Aberdeenshire has increased by more than 50% to 239,000, boosted most recently by an estimated 3,000 migrants from Eastern Europe. Aberdeenshire's population represents 4.6% of Scotland's total. Major towns are Peterhead (17,560), Fraserburgh (12,450), Inverurie (11,060), Stonehaven (10,610), Westhill (10,390) and Ellon (9,710). Now the total population of Aberdeenshire is predicted to remain relatively stable over the next 22 years however the number of households is forecast to increase by more than 20,000. There will be a significant increase in the number of people living alone. Aberdeenshire faces significant pressures around demographic projections for the future. In five years time (by 2014), the 65yr+ population is projected to increase to 40% of the total population, the highest in Scotland. In twenty five years time the projected rise in people aged over 75 yrs old is 234%, well above the Scottish equivalent of 81%. It is also projected that there will continue to be increasing requirements for services for those with disabilities; the number of people with a learning disability is expected to rise by 1% each year.

  • Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee Annual Report 2008/2009

    3. Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee


    The Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee (APC) was established in October 2008 following the implementation of The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 (ASP Act). The Committee has responsibility for monitoring and advising on adult protection procedures, ensuring appropriate cooperation between agencies and improving the skills and knowledge of those with a responsibility for the protection of adults at risk.

    The Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee aims to:

    Ensure staff, partners and the publics knowledge of adult protection legislation is evaluated and effective training is developed.

    Raise awareness by providing information and advice to professionals and the wider community.

    Develop, review and audit procedures for inter-agency working to protect adults at risk.

    Develop, review and audit policies and strategies for protecting adults at risk.

    Develop and introduce arrangements to audit and disseminate local activity with regard to protecting adults at risk.

    Consult with people who use the service and the public about inter-agency services for the protection of adults at risk.

    Develop links and promote joint working with relevant organisations and groups.

    Membership of the Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee

    Organisation Name Title Contact Details

    Independent Mo Ramsay Independent Chair, Aberdeenshire APC


    Aberdeenshire Council

    Patricia Maclachlan

    Head of Service (Older People, Physical Disability, Sensory Impairment)


    Robert Driscoll

    Head of Service (Learning Disability, Mental Health, Substance Misuse)


    Iain Ramsay Social Work Manager, Community Care


    Ann-marie Bruce

    Strategic Development Officer, AP

    ann-marie.bruce@ aberdeenshire.gov.uk


  • Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee Annual Report 2008/2009

    Douglas Edwardson

    Head of Service, Housing Operations


    Anne Simpson

    Community Learning & Development Manager


    Care Commission

    Yvonne Litttlejohn

    Team Manager Yvonne.Littlejohn@carecommission.com

    Grampian Police

    Craig Blackhall

    Chief Inspector Craig.Blackhall@grampian.pnn.police.uk

    Irene Coyle Detective Inspector Irene.Coyle@grampian.pnn.police.uk NHS Grampian Susan Carr Service Manager,

    Learning Disability Service


    Tertiary Education

    Liz Gault lgault@banff-buchan.ac.uk

    Third Sector

    Louise Farmer

    Age Concern louise.farmer@acscot.org.uk

    Jackie Taylor


    The Work of The Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee

    An action plan was agreed following the establishment of the APC. The following section outlines the objectives from the action plan and the progress that has occurred in 2008/2009.

    Appoint an independent chair for The Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee

    The ASP Act placed a duty on the Local Authority to appoint a convener to the APC. The convener could not be a member or officer of the council. Scottish Government guidance for APC stated The individual must be seen to be independent in thought and action as well as someone who has the necessary skills and knowledge. It is good practice to appoint a convener who is independent of all representative bodies. The partnership organisations should endeavour to recruit for the convener position together. It was agreed by the APC that an independent convener should be sought and that discussion should occur with the Aberdeen APC and the Moray APC to jointly appoint an independent convener who would chair all three APCs and attend the Grampian Adult Protection Group. In August 2009 Mo Ramsay was appointed as independent convener to oversee the work of the three adult protection committees in Grampian. Mo


  • Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee Annual Report 2008/2009

    has a background in education and has done a significant amount of work with the third sector. Through appointing a joint convener with Aberdeen APC and Moray APC greater consistency of services and joint working will occur throughout Grampian which will help improve services to adults at risk of harm. Evaluate knowledge of staff and support the development of effective training regarding Adult Support and Protection Jacqui Mackintosh, the NHS Grampian Joint Training Co-ordinator has played a significant role in the development of training, including:

    4 Training modules developed E-module training package


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