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  • Abd-Allah Hussien Hossny El-Sheikh Address: 12, Abd El-Azim Salama St,

    Makram Ebeid, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. Cell Phone: +2-01090988291 +2-01156276708 Home: +2-02-22741238

    Email: abdallahhussien90@yahoo.com

    Personal Data:

    Date of Birth: August 23rd , 1990.

    Place of Birth: Beheira governorate.

    Place of Residence: Cairo governorate.

    Nationality: Egyptian.

    Marital Status: Single.

    Military Status: Passed.

    Education: Pre-Master in Mechanical Engineering, Arab Academy for Science,

    Technology and Maritime Transport 2015/2016 (1st term).

    BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, (AAST).

    Major: Mechanical Engineering.

    Minor: Mechatronics.

    Date of Graduation: February, 2014.

    Cumulative Grade: Excellent with Honor Degree.

    Graduation Project Name: Automated Manual Transmission. Graduation Project Degree: Excellent.

    Experience: Works in ground service equipment section in Nile Air Company .

    Taught (Part time) Mechanics (Static and Dynamic) and Robotics Application Courses

    in AAST.

    Training and Courses: HVAC course, in Engineers House for Training and Consulting Engineering, from 10/6/2016

    to 25/7/2016. Basic Applications of Microcontroller course by using C Language, in JELECOM Center,

    from 25/8/2012 to 5/9/2012. Basic Applications of Microcontroller course by using Assembly Language in CASBEC Center,

    in Cairo University, from 2/2/2012 to 23/2/2012.

    Classic Control course.

    Programmable Logic Control course (PLC).

  • Summer Training in the Petroleum fields:

    O Bapetco petroleum Company, from 1/8/2013 to 1/9/2013.

    O Petrogulf Misr Company, from 7/8/2011 to 25/8/2011.

    Summer Training in the various fields:

    O The Arab Contractors; OSMAN AHMED OSMAN & Co. from 1/8/2012 to 30/8/2012.

    O FIAT center for cars repair and maintenance, from 1/8/2010 to 30/8/2010.

    Skills: Computer Skills:

    O MATLAB software.

    O LabView software.

    O Proteus7 software.



    O Microsoft Office.

    Language Skills:

    O Native language: Arabic.

    O Very good written and spoken English.

    Interests: Reading books and magazines in different branches of science.

    Playing football and running.

    References: Available upon request.

    Eng. Abdallah Hussien