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    On behalf of the officers and members of the American Association of Veterinary Immunologists, it is a pleasure to extend our sincere congratulations to Dr Alexander J Winter who was honored as the "D~stingulshed Veterinary Immunologlst" by the AAVI at the 70th Annual Meeting of the Conference of Research Workers m Animal Diseases on 7 November 1989, at Chmago, IL

    Dr Winter pursued his early education at the Umverslty of Wisconsin and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medmme from the Umverslty of Ilhnols He then returned to the University of Wisconsin where he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree m 1959 Soon after beginning his professional career at Pennsylvania State Umverslty, he estabhshed h~mself as an outstanding researcher on the problems of mfectmus mferhhty m cattle In 1962 he joined the New York State College of Veterinary Medmme at Cornell Umverslty His pioneering work on venereal vibrmsls and the immunological responses of the bowne reproduchve tract was profound and led to the eventual eradmatmn of this disease

    Dr Winter is a keen and dedmated researcher and educator He helped to estabhsh a graduate program in immunology at Cornell and spearheaded an outstanding teaching program in Immu- nology, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels He has educated scores of predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, many of whom have distinguished themselves in positions of leadership m the field

    He is a Fellow of the Infectmus Dmease Socmty of America and served as a member on the Bactemology and Mycology study panel sponsored by the Natmnal Institutes of Health from 1971 to 1975 He also served on the Edltorml Board of the journal Infectmn and Immumty and has authored over eighty omgmal research papers, short commumcatmns and rewew artmles

    Dr Wmter remains active m research and is currently studying the immunological aspects of bowne brucellosis The AAVI takes great pride m recogmzmg Dr Wmter and the contrlbuhon that he has made to the advancement of veterinary immunology


    The winners of the 1989 AAVI award for graduate student immunology papers presented at CRWAD m Chicago were

    1st Place Bovine herpesvlrus 1 glycoproteln gIV inhibits herpesvlrus refections C C L Chase, K Carter-Allen, C Lohff, G J Letchworth III, Dept Vet Scl, Umverslty of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706

    Runnerup Structural mlmmry of antl-ldlotyplc antibody to a neutrahzmg antigen ofbluetongue virus 17 F B Gneder, K T Schultz, Dept Pathoblologmal Science, School of Veterinary Medi- cine, Umverslty of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706

    Runnerup Antl-ldmtypes reduce a bowne herpeswrus-1 specific response D J Orten, 0 Y Abedelmagld, F Blecha, H C Mmocha, Dept Lab Med and Anat and Phys, Kansas State Umverslty, Manhattan, KS 66506

    Er ra tum Soter-Rodrfguez, A M, Romano, E, Aranguren, Y and Soyano, A, 1990 A new hemolytm assay

    for bovine serum complement and its apphcatlon during experimental bovine anaplasmosls Vet Immunol Immunopathol, 24 347-360

    Part of the text in the paper was unfortunately misplaced The five hnes ap- pearing at the foot o fp 355 should have appeared at the top o fp 357 (m the Discussion )


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