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AAB Style Inc. is a wholesale company for body jewelry and Stainless Steel jewelry and is located in Plantation, FL. For the past decade, AAB Style, Inc. has been a world market leader of the above thanks to its unique and innovative designs and product quality.


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2. JBSHN-77 Necklace With Nascar Auto Pendant 3. Logo tongue ring assortment 12 styles 4. Stainless Steel Black PVD Belly Ring With Pink Butterfly Design and CZ Stones 5. UNPT-3 Cartoon belly button ring 6. TBUR-3 Belly dangle with jewel 7. 6851 West Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 170 City Plantation State Florida Zip code 33311 Telephone: 954-327-4262 Email: - customerservice@aabstyle.com