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A W ell-Lighted Case. An interview with Howard Gurock - Econolite Conducted by Larry Johnson- Pacific Northern. Sponsored by . Thanks for your support. Overview of content. What constitutes a well-lighted case? Why does it matter? What do I need to know? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


A Well-Lighted Case

A Well-Lighted CaseAn interview with Howard Gurock- Econolite

Conducted by Larry Johnson- Pacific Northern

Sponsored by Thanks for your support

Overview of contentWhat constitutes a well-lighted case?Why does it matter?What do I need to know?What is the best way to achieve one?What will it cost?Where can I save some money?How do I begin?What should I expect the end result to be?

What do you consider to be a well-lighted case?

What does a well-lighted case or store look like?DescriptionFeelingEffect on perceived Value of merchandiseEmployee attitudesWhy does it matter?.

So what?CompetitivenessPresentation improvementQuality experience

What do I need to know?.

LotsWhich lights to use and whereWhere they work bestOverhead vs. In-case

What is the best way to achieve the desired result?.

DIY or get professional helpWhat can I do myselfWhen do I need help

What is it going to cost?.

Ballpark ideasPer casePer footPer whatever

How can I save some money on this?.

How do I begin the process?.

Call- See- AskStop by the Eco-Lite booth #216 and discuss your specific needsWhat can I expect as a result?.

What do I get outta this?Sales IncreasesProfitsUtility SavingsEmployee Morale

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