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Page 1A Visual OfferingOuigher Offerant, ca. 10thcent., Bazaklik, Turphan,Xinjiang Province, ChinaTreasures of Buddhist Art Page 2Indic RegionBuddhist artof India andBangladeshPage 3Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesThe Relics ofSakyamuniBuddha fromPriprawa reburiedin the Ashokanredistribution ofca. 250 BCEPage 4Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesThe Relics ofSakyamuni Buddhafrom Priprawareburied in theAshokanredistribution of ca.250 BCEThe relic casket withthe inscriptionlya.m sal[r]il[r]a-nidhane BudhasaBhagavate Sakiyanam sukitithatinamPage 5Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesThe Mahabodhi templecommemorating the placeof Sakyamuni Buddhasenlightenment at BodhGaya, various dates fromca. 400 BCE to late 19thcent., Bihar State, IndiaPage 6Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesThe Vajrasana, an Ashokan commemorative offering platform at the exactplace where it was (as still is) believed that Siddhartha Gautama became theenlightened one a Buddha, ca. 250 BCE, Bodh Gaya, Bihar, IndiaPage 7Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesLion Capital, Sarnath, Mauryanperiod, ca. 250 BCE. Sarnath,Varanasi, IndiaPage 8Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSanchi, Stupa I, overview from the north,Various dates 3rd & 1st cent. BCE and 20th cent. (British Restoration)Page 9Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSanchi, Stupa I, overview from the south,Drawn as it might have appeared at the beginning of the common eraBy John C. HuntingtonPage 10Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAuspicious symbols, early 1stcent. BCE, Sanchi Stupa II,IndiaPage 11Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesWorship of a Stupa, 1st cent.BCE. North Torana, Sanchi,IndiaPage 12Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesBuddha attended by Padmapaniand Vajrapani, dated to the year3 of the Kanishka era, ca. 130CE, Ahicchatra, IndiaPage 13Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesPensive Avalokitesvara, ca 2ndcent., Greater Mathura region,IndiaPage 14Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesWorship at thethrone in front ofthe pillar ofradiance, ca. 3rdcent. CE,Amaravati Stupa,Amaravati, AndhraPradesh IndiaPage 15Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesThe Buddha Sakyamunidisplaying the secondlevel of Dharma chakraMudra, Gupta period 5thcent., Sarnath, IndiaPage 16Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAjanta Caves on the Wogihara River, 1st cent BCE and 5th cent. CE, panorama of the sitePage 17Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesIndo-scythian Noblemanwith attendants, ca. 465CE, Ajanta, Cave 1,Maharashtra, IndiaPage 18Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesPadmapani(Avalokitesvara), ca. 465CE, Ajanta, Cave 1,Maharashtra, IndiaPage 19Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesCeiling lotus, ca. 465 CE,Ajanta, Cave 2,Maharashtra, IndiaPage 20Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSaccha (stamped claymedallion) of the Mahabodhitemple, ca 5th cent., Bihar,IndiaPage 21Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTara and attendants, 9th cent.,Sirpur, IndiaPage 22Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrapani and Anuchara, 9thcent., Bihar, IndiaPage 23Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesThe Mother of all Buddhas(sarva-tathagata-matri), SitaPrajnaparamita and attendants,9th or 10th cent., Bihar, IndiaPage 24Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrasana Sakyamuni, ca. 9thcent., Probably Kurkihar, Bihar,IndiaPage 25Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrasana Sakyamuni, ca. 9thcent., Main Shrine image of theMahabodhi Temple, Bihar,IndiaPage 26Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrasana Sakyamuni WithAvalokitesvara and MaitreyaBodhisattvas, ca. 10th cent.,Bihar, IndiaPage 27Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSyama Tara ca 10th or 11thcent., Bihar, IndiaPage 28Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesArya Avalokiteshvara(Lokanatha) with Tara andHayagriva, 11th cent., Rajsahidistrict , BangladeshPage 29Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesMandala of Chakrasamvara andthe deities of the mandala andaspects of the charnel fields, ca.12th cent., BangladeshPage 30NepalBuddhist art ofthe KathmanduValley, NepalPage 31Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSvayambhuMahacaitya, 5thcent. BCE toPresent,KathmanduValley, NepalPage 32Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesBouda, Stupa of the peasant woman and her three sons, ? to Present,Kathmandu Valley, NepalPage 33Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSvayambhu Mahacaitya, Licchaviperiod, ca. 5th 6th cent. CE(restored), OM Bahal, Patan,Kathmandu Valley, NepalPage 34Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesMiniature Stupa, Licchavi Periodca. 7th cent., Cha Bahi, Deo Patan,Kathmandu Valley, NepalPage 35Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSvayambhu Mahacaitya,15th cent., KathmanduValley NepalPage 36Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTara, ca. 12th cent., NepalPage 37Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesArya Avalokitesvara, ca. 12thcent., NepalPage 38Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAmoghapashaAvalokitesvara with Tara,Brikuti and Hayagriva, ca.mid 15th cent., NepalPage 39Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesMain Shrine Torana, 1834, Kwa Bahal, Patan NepalPage 40Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesNateshvara Avalokitesvara, ca.1935, Shantipur, SvayambhuMahachaitya, KathmanduNepalPage 41Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesWorship of the Manjusri pada,date unknown, Shantipur,Svayambhu Mahachaitya,Kathmandu NepalPage 42Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrasattva, ca. 12th through20th cent. Kwa Bahal, Patan,NepalPage 43GreaterGandharaBuddhist artof Pakistan,Afghanistanand KashmirAfghanistanPakistanIndiaGandharaKashmirPage 44Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSakyamuni meditating under a treewith Shakra and Brahma requestingthat he teach the dharma to others.Ca 2nd cent. BCE Bajur District,Gandhara, Peshawar Valley,Pakistan.Page 45Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesGold Stater of Kanishka, ca. 127-145 CE. Obv. Kaniska at fire-alter; Rev. Buddha, Ahin Posh,Kapisha, AfghanistanPage 46Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTakht-I-Bahi monastery planCa. late 2nd early 3rd cent.,Gandhara, PakistanPage 47Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesFasting ascetic Prince SiddharthaCa. late 2nd early 3rd cent.,Gandhara, PakistanPage 48Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTushita Maitreya Bodhisattva, ca.2nd or early 3rd cent. CE,Gandhara, Pakistan.Page 49Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSukhavati Amitabha withAvalokitesvara and Maitreya(?)attended by Shakra andBrahma. Dated year 5, I.e., ca132 CEPage 50Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesReliquary in the form of a stupa, ca3rd or 4th cent., Gandhara(Peshawar Valley, Pakistan)Probably a fairly accurate model ofthe stupa of Kanishka.Page 51Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesReliquary in the form of a stupawith a schist casket, ca 3rd or 4thcent., Gandhara (Peshawar valley,Pakistan,Page 52Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesHead of Avalokitesvara, ca 4th or5th cent., unknown provenance,Presumably AfghanistanPage 53Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesThe 55 meter Brihad Buddha atBamiyan, ca 6th cent., Bamiyanvalley, Afghanistan(Now destroyed)CNNPage 54Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesA Buddha predicting the viewersenlightenment, ca 627 or later,Niche C, Fondukistan, Afghanistan.Page 55Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesArya Avalokitesvara, ca.6th or 7th cent., Kashmir,IndiaPage 56Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSakyamuni/Vairocana inAkanistha Paradise, 714CE, Kashmir, IndiaPage 57Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrapani Bodhisattva inhis angry form, ca 9thcent., Kashmir, IndiaPage 58Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAvalokitesvara, Manjusriand Vajrapani, ca 11thcent., Kashmir, IndiaPage 59Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAmitabha Buddha inSukhavati Paradise, ca.11th cent. (Kashmirschool of painting), Alchimonastery, Ladakh, IndiaPage 60Silk RoadBuddhist art of the city states of the Tarim BasinXingjiang ProvinceGansu ProvinceTarim BasinPage 61Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesDharmakaya Vairocana ca 7thcent., Balawaste, Khotan region,Xingjiang Province, ChinaPage 62Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesIranian style god of sericulture,ca. 6th cent., Dandan Oiliq,Khotan region, XingjiangProvince, ChinaPage 63Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAvalokitesvara withSita and Syama Tarareceiving the offeringsof a donor. Ca. 5th or6th cent., Tumshuq,Xingjiang Province,ChinaPage 64Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesPranidhana image, Bazalik, temple9, ca., 9th cent., Turphan Oasis,Xingjian Province, ChinaPage 65Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesDakini image, Bazalik, temple 9,ca 9th cent., Xingjian Province,ChinaPage 66Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTushita Maitreya Bodhisattva,west wall cave 275, 5th cent.Dunhuang, Gansu Province,ChinaPage 67Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesCrowned White-robed Buddha(Vairocana) west wall cave 465,5th cent. Dunhuang, GansuProvince, ChinaPage 68Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesWater-Moon Avalokiteshvara, ca.11th cent., Cave 17 hoard,Dunhuang, Gansu Province,ChinaPage 69TibetBuddhist art of TibetTibet (Xizang province, China)Eastern Tibet(Qinghai province, China)Page 70Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrasattva and Sattvavajri,Gaur school in Tibet, ca. Late11th cent. TibetPage 71Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesGuhyasamaja Manjuvajra, ca.12th cent. TibetPage 72Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajravarahi Mandala, Sakyaschool, ca 15th cent., Tsangdistrict, Tibet.Page 73Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesShakyamuni at themoment ofenlightenment), 12thcent. Southern Tibet,(gTsang district)Page 74Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesGur gyi mGonpo(Panjara Mahakala)13th cent. SouthernTibet, (gTsangdistrict)Page 75Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesRatnasambhava, ca.14th cent. SouthernTibet, (gTsangdistrict)Page 76Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAnonymous: (Newar Artists in Tibet), Pancajina Buddhas, 14th cent., Zhalu Monastery TibetEric R. HuntingtonPage 77Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAnonymous: (NewarArtists in Tibet),Akshobhya Buddha, 14thcent., Zhalu MonasteryTibetEric R. HuntingtonPage 78Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajrapani Bodhisattva, ca 14thcent., southern Tibet,Page 79Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesStupa at Gyantse, 15th cent. Gyantse, TibetEric R. HuntingtonPage 80Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesRatnasambhava, ca 18th cent,southern Tibet(Clay over wire armature)Page 81Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesPehar, the Nechung Oracle,date(s) unknown, Lhasa, TibetEric R. HuntingtonPage 82Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesMahotama Heruka form ofSamantabhadra, Nyingmatradition ca 18th century, TibetPage 83Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTomb (stupa) of the 5th DalaiLama (1617-1682)Potola, Lhasa, Tibet (Xizangprovince of China)Note: His death was secret for15 years. Thus the stupa waspresumably built around 1697or 1698.Eric R. HuntingtonPage 84Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTsongkhapa anddisciples, 20th cent.,1969(Ephemera: butterSculpture)Page 85Sri LankaBuddhist Artof LankaPage 86Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesParinirvana, Gal Vihara, Polonuwara, Polonuwara district, Sri LankaPage 87Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesBrihad Buddha atAvukana,Polonuwara district,Sri LankaPage 88Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTara, ca. 9th cent.,Polonuwara district,Sri LankaPage 89Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesStupa, KandianPeriod, ca. 18th cent.,Kandy, Sri LankaPage 90Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesMiniature stupa withthe four Buddhas of thepast, ca 13th cent.Polonuwara district, SriLankaPage 91IndonesiaBuddhist Art of IndonesiaAll islands named have some Buddhist artIndonesia ArchipelagoSumatraKalimantanSulawesiJavaPage 92Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesBorobudur, ca 800,Central Java,IndonesiaPage 93ChinaBuddhist artof ChinaPage 94Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSeated Buddha, 16 States period,dated to 338 CE, Northern China.Page 95Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesShakyamuni in Akanishta radiatingBuddhas, Bei Wei dated to 477 CE,Northern China.Page 96Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesKetumati Maitreya Buddha, BeiWei dated to 477 CE, NorthernChina.Page 97Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesCentral core as Mt. Meru tower,Cave 51, Yungang, Bei Wei late5th cent., Northern China.Page 98Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVairochana in Akanishta, EarlyTang, 674, Longmen NorthernChina.Page 99Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesKing Udayanas image ofShakyamuni, Commissionedby Chonen in Song dynasty 985CE, China. Now in the Seiryoji,Japan.Shakado at the SeiryojiPage 100Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesLiang Kai, active, mid13th cent. Shakyamuni(the ascetic princeSiddartha) descendingfrom the Mountains priorto his enlightenment.Page 101Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTrue Image of Avalokiteshvaraca. 12 the cent., Dali Kingdom937-1253, Yunnan, ChinaPage 102Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAniko, Bai Ta si 13thcent, Beijing, China.Page 103Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSchool of Aniko, Sada-aksariAvalokiteshvara, ca late 13thor early 14 cent., YuanDynasty China,Page 104Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSchool of Aniko, unidentifiedbodhisattva, ca late 13th orearly 14 cent., Yuan DynastyChina,Page 105Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesFasting Prince Siddhartha, ca.late 13th or early 14 cent.,Yuan Dynasty China,Page 106Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVairochana in Akanishta onthe Thousand Petaled Lotus.16th cent., Ming periodChinaPage 107Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAnonymous (illegibleseal): Amitabha Buddha.17th cent.Tehua porcelain, Fujian,ChinaPage 108Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesEmperor Qianlong asManjushri in a refugefield.Mid 18th cent.Beijing, ChinaPage 109Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesStupa of the QueenMothers Hair.Mid 18th cent.Beijing, ChinaPage 110MongoliaBuddhist art of MongoliaInner MongoliaMongoliaPage 111Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesdPal lDan Lha Mo (Shri),Ca 18th cent., School ofZanabazarMongoliaPage 112Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVairochana from theSarva-tathagata-tattva-samgraha TantraCa 18th century, Schoolof Zanabazar.Mongolia.Page 113Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesMaitreyaCa. 18th century, Schoolof Zanabazar.Mongolia.Page 114Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesChakrasamvara ca 18th century, School ofZanabazarMongolia.Page 115Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesVajravarahi,Ca. 18th century, Schoolof Zanabazar.Mongolia.Page 116Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesDance mask.Date uncertain, Mongolia.Page 117KoreaBuddhist artof KoreaPage 118Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesPensive MirukMaitreya)Ca. late 6th century.KoreaPage 119Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSokko Tap(Shakyamuni Pagoda)Ca. late 6th century.KoreaPage 120Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTaho Tap (PrabutaratnaPagoda)Ca. late 6th century.KoreaPage 121Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesPortable Shrine withShakyamuni /Vairochana,Manjushri andSamantabhadra,Unified Silla period(668-935 CE) KoreaPage 122Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesRelic container andcasket.Unified Silla period(668-935 CE) KoreaPage 123Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAmitabha Sutra.Dated 1341KoreaPage 124Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAvalokitesvara ofthe Rocks.14th century.KoreaPage 125JapanBuddhist artof JapanPage 126Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTorri, ShakaSanson. Asukaperiod (623 CE).Horyuji, Nara,JapanPage 127Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesYume DomoKannon.Asuka period.Horyuji, Nara,JapanPage 128Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTachibanaShrine, Amidatriad.:ate 7th or early8th century.Nara, JapanPage 129Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesPrince Shotoku and two attendants. Asuka period, 7th cent., JapanPage 130Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesDaibutsuden, Todaiji, mid 8th century. Restored in the 18th century. Nara, JapanPage 131Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesDaibutsu, Daibutsu-den, Todai-ji, mid 8thcentury. Restored inthe 18th century.Nara, JapanPage 132Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAnonymous: Daruma(Bodhi-dharma)Kamakura period, JapanPage 133Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesMiroku (Maitreya) Bodhisattva.Late 7th cent., Chukuji Nunnery,near the Horyuji, Nara, JapanPage 134Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAtelier of Jocho (Amitabha)displaying first rank, first birthmudra. Mid 11th cent., Byodo-in,Uji, Kyoto area, JapanPage 135Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAmida raigo, ca 11th cent., JapanPage 136Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesTaagensui Myou-ou, ca. 12th cent., JapanPage 137Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAoi Fudou Myou-ou (NilaAchala), ca. 13th cent., JapanPage 138Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesSenjukanon,The 1000 Little Kannons, and the 28 Helpers. 13th & 14th cent.Sanjusangendo, Kyoto, JapanPage 139Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesKao (act. 1320-30) Priest Prawn,JapanPage 140Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesDetail:Kao (act. 1320-30) Priest Prawn,JapanPage 141Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesAshikaga Yoshimasa, the Ginkakuji (Jishou-ji), built 1471 Kyoto, JapanPage 142Buddhist ArtMasterpieces Rock garden at the Ryoan-ji. Built ca 1500-1505 (?) Kyoto, JapanPage 143Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesHakuin Ekaku (1685-1768),Hotai: The Sound of OneHand Clapping, Japan.Page 144Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesHakuin Ekaku (1685-1768),Daruma, JapanPage 145Buddhist ArtMasterpiecesBuddha in dhyana posture.ca. 19th cent., ThailandWhat about me?I must be somebodysMasterpiece!Page 146Weary old sage (wino) taking a nap on his empty wine gourd. 19th cent., Shiwan ware, Guangdong, ChinaThe End