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A Trip To Hawaii. By Wilson Boyce and Taylor Buckley. The state bird is the Nene. The state flower is the Pua Aloalo. The largest volcano in Hawaii is the Mouna Loa. Hawaiis nick name is the Aloha state.. Four Facts About Hawaii. volcanoes mountians canyons/cliffs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A Trip To HawaiiBy Wilson Boyce and Taylor Buckley

  • Four Facts About HawaiiThe state bird is the Nene.The state flower is the Pua Aloalo.The largest volcano in Hawaii is the Mouna Loa.Hawaiis nick name is the Aloha state.

  • some major landforms of Hawaiivolcanoesmountianscanyons/cliffs

  • Natural Resources And Manufactured goodsSome natural resources are soil, ground water supply and the suronding ocean.Some manufactured goods are steel and other minerals.

  • how to get from groton,NY to HIStarting at the bowling ally,drive throgh the rest of new york. go throgh the very edge of PA, throgh OH, then IL or Mi, then WI, MN, ND, MT, ID, and WA. go to seatle airport, and fly all the way over to hawaii.