A Smart Social Media Strategy Is All About Teamwork

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1. A Smart Social Media Strategy Is All About Teamwork Photo Credit: Gavin Llewellyn www.onetoomanymornings.co.uk 2. When you have a personal account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another popular social media website, its okay to let it languish when you dont have time to groom it. Business accounts are an entire matter altogether, however. Leaving your brands social channels unattended can be the kiss of death for your marketing strategy. Fortunately, theres an easy answer. Get a team of professionals to tackle the job! Photo Credit: Ariana Gastelum 3. The trouble is, maintaining social media accounts takes a lot of time -- especially when you have multiple channels to manage. Business owners are already pulled in a million directions so whos got the time to post on Twitter, like fan pictures on Instagram, and chime in on conversations on your Facebook fan page? The Problem About 46 percent of online users rely on social media when making a purchasing decision. Sometimes consumers ask the opinion of friends and followers but a high percentage also check out the companys own social channels as well. The end goal of your sales and marketing plans are to drive new and repeat customers to your product or service. Its important to make sure that anyone looking for you on social media finds a vibrant, active community of enthusiastic customers and an engaged brand. Dormant, dead, or dying accounts give the appearance that your brand is sinking. At best, it looks like youre too busy to bother with customers; at worst, it could look like youve given up. Photo Credit: Pixabay.com/ wgbieber 4. The solution Theres no need to go it alone! It takes a village -- or in this case, a team -- of social media pros to optimize your brands social accounts and maximize their potential. Heres why: 1. A team divides and conquers. Social media marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts. There are pictures to take or acquire, tweets to dream up, videos to shoot, infographics to build, and on it goes. Teams can split up and put together all the components you need for a good social presence. Photo Credit: Pixabay.com/skeeze 5. 2. A team knows each others strengths. No single person excels at every skill needed to run a strong social media campaign, but teamwork means being able to use everyones strengths to their advantage. One person might be great at coming up with clever picture captions and another excels at writing captivating Tweets, while a third loves to chat with customers on Facebook. The solution Photo Credit: Pixabay.com/Alexas Put them all together and you have an unbeatable group. 6. 3. A team means 24/7 attention. Conversations on social networks speed by in the blink of an eye and customers love to ask questions at all hours of the day or night. Teamwork means theres always someone monitoring your accounts, ready to jump in when people talk to or about your brand. The solution Photo Credit: Flickr.com/Mike Mozart Studies show that 42 percent of customers who reach out to companies on social media expect a response within 60 minutes. 7. 4. A team has a bigger brain. Lets face it, coming up with loads of content is a lot of work and sometimes its tempting to toss a half-formed thought on Facebook and call it a day. The solution Teams keep each other from burning out and also serve as sounding boards to talk with each other about what makes a good update and what still needs some work. 8. Social media is a huge undertaking but its benefits are worth the investment. A whopping 52 percent of marketers report theyve found a customer through Facebook and that doesnt even take into account customers theyve acquired via other social channels. Dont let social media management take over your life, use a team to get the job done right!


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