a simple solution to improve your sales team's productivity

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  1. 1. In the short time it takes you
  2. 2. to view this presentation
  3. 3. you could have
  4. 4. saved your sales team hours of data entry,
  5. 5. tracked the effectiveness of your email templates,
  6. 6. logged important emails to Salesforce,
  7. 7. synced tasks and meetings with Salesforce,
  8. 8. added new leads to your sales pipeline,
  9. 9. responded to your customers 3x faster,
  10. 10. cut your sales cycle by days or weeks,
  11. 11. improved your win rate,
  12. 12. increased Salesforce adoption by 700%,
  13. 13. reported on your sales KPIs with detailed analytics,
  14. 14. and boosted the return on your Salesforce investment,
  15. 15. all without leaving your inbox.
  16. 16. Sales acceleration technology for
  17. 17. The highest rated sales application for Salesforce.
  18. 18. Powering the fastest growing sales teams.
  19. 19. Taking sales productivity to the next level. Track email opens Save emails to Salesforce Create leads and contacts Set follow up reminders Sync calendar events Use Salesforce templates Schedule emails Update opportunities
  20. 20. The easiest deployment youve ever seen. Install in a single click Schedule a live demo


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